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Jan 3, 1949 (Age: 68)
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Smoking Guru, Male, 68, from Macungie, PA

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    1. exromenyer
      I bought from Walton’s all in one bacon cure that states 5lbs cure per 100lbs of meat let sit for 4 days rinse and then smoke. What I am having a hard time figuring out is the amount of cure PER POUND. The cure contains: Salt, Brown and Cane Sugar, Sodium Erythorbate (1.09%) Sodium Bicarbonate (1% buffering agent) Sodium Nitrite (0.40%). This imparts 200 PPM of nitrite and 547 PPM of sodium erythorbate. Thanks Tony
      1. bearcarver
        Hi Tony,
        I have to tell you I'm not into the scientific parts of curing. I just use Tender Quick, & I know exactly how to use it.
        I would direct your question to Dave Omak. He's into the science of this stuff, and should be able to help you.
        Tell him "Bear Sent You".

        I would however question their saying to cure something in only 4 days. I doubt if that's even close.

        Dec 10, 2017 at 9:37 AM
    2. Ethos
      Hi John,

      I'm a new member here, and new to smoking, I have just purchased a MES 40 (Digital electric) and I was told you were the expert on MES. I have a quick question, I was wondering if A) I would be able to just toss pellets in the wood chip trey rather than wood chips, or would that not burn evenly enough to distribute the smoke/heat? Or B) if this attachment would work on my smoker: A-MAZE-N- pellet smoker
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      2. bearcarver
        Hi Ethos,
        Masterbuilt says not to put Pellets directly in the chip burner.
        Most of us with MES units use the 5 X 8 AMNPS Maze.
        It works Great if you are at a Low Altitude. With the AMNPS you can use Pellets for Hot Smoking and Dust for Cold Smoking.
        If you are at 3,000' or higher it would be better to get an Amazing Tube Smoker.

        Just yell if you have any more questions.

        Nov 27, 2017
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      3. Ethos
        Thanks for tyre advice, will the 5 x 8 fit int the MES 40? Also, how many pellets do you put in at a time? Would you put them in according to weight or just a handful?
        Nov 27, 2017
      4. bearcarver
        Yes, it fits in any MES.
        It depends on which model MES you have as to where is the best place to put the AMNPS.

        The important thing is how high you fill it. I fill mine to about1/4" to 3/8" from the top of the walls.

        Each row gives you about 3 to 3 1/2 hours of light smoke.
        Up to 11 hours per Full AMNPS.

        Nov 28, 2017
    3. backpacker048
      Hi Bear,

      I'm looking for a recipe to smoke a 10# frozen turkey. Didn't see one on you index, so I suppose you don't have one. Anybody else's recipe you might recommend?

      Thanks a lot for your help!
    4. torp3t3d0
      Hay Bear.....spent a few weeks in Northwest Ireland a little while ago....everywhere we went there was NO corned BEEF....only corned was great.....i was wanting to do it for St. Patrick's Day.....any thoughts about corned PORK? I was planning on using the recipe I got here for making corned beef....did a search here for corned pork and found next to nothing......if you could provide some assistance (like loin or butt?), I would be very grateful
    5. dietz777
      Bear, what is a good food vacuum sealer for a greenhorn?
    6. cannaire
      Wanting to smoke some wings for my kids that are coming this evening and can't seem to find your step by step. I have some recipes for this just looking to see if I can improve what i'm doing. Thanks in advance.
    7. dave17a
      Posted pics and your recipe on bacon is even steven stuff. We raved. Next is tq, up the brown sugar and some kind of hot powder. Pondering on it. Next level on bacon
    8. lathrop
      Can you recommend a recipe for a BBQ rub for smoking meat..
    9. maxiesdad
      Got bacon in the MES right now. Thanks for the Step-By-Steps!!!!!!!!!
    10. maxiesdad
      I just read your thread on Twin Hams, Double Smoked. I can't seem to find a start time or total time it took. Got a ham on the counter now. Please advise.
    11. tdssmoke
      Thanks for the prompt advice about the Amazen pellet smoker.
    12. alaskanbear
      I hope this is John. This is Annie, Ms.Bear, Rich's wife. Rich had to go back into the hospital Tues and have another two stints put in. They had a real hard time with it all and after 2.5hrs on the table with both side of his crotch being used, finally made it back to the room--only to be taken back in 2 hours later with chest pains. It all seems to be ok now and he is home but under strict do-nothing orders. He asked me to let you know so you werent caught off guard. Hope you are feeling and doing better. Rcih sends his love and thanks.. Annie
    13. tigerregis
      I miss your posts, even if I don't always agree. Are you PO'D or just having a rest? Please advise, since I have seen nothing that indicates your general demeanor. Thanks, tigerregis
    14. smokin - k
      smokin - k
      Hey thanks for the heads up.. I do have a meat pistol and just wondering if I should add any fat like bacon fat to the pheasant as it's so lean? Love your opinion!
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