Thinking about doing my first Brisket...Need recipies...

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by vaffanculo403, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. vaffanculo403

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    Hello everyone!

    I believe this is my first post on the forums and I'm looking to do my first brisket for the 4th.  I have a little Masterbuilt electric smoker (the one the looks like a mini fridge with a window).  I'd like something with a nice bark on it and probably not to spicy.  Thanks in advance! 

  2. geerock

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    Try a full packer brisket. Not too spicy means SPOG. Salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder. Beef can take a good amount of smoke flavor so hickoryand / or oak is good choice for wood. Leave in until meat hits about 200 internal meat temp. Double wrap in foil and wrap in a blanket or towel with a little juice or other liquid for a minimum 2 hours. Slice and enjoy. Biggest advice for brisket is patience. You are going to hit a long stall, a long cook, and a long rest. Let it be. If you rush it you may be sorry. If you wait it out the rewards are great.
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  3. vaffanculo403

    vaffanculo403 Fire Starter

    Well SPOG give it a nice bark too?

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  4. geerock

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    If you spritz the meat a few times with apple juice it will help get a bit more bark. You can also use a rub that has a bit of sugar in it will help too. But because of the length of time for the cook you are going to get a decent bark.
  5. vaffanculo403

    vaffanculo403 Fire Starter

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    Are they any rubs that you recommend?
  6. geerock

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    I blend my own, but if you add some brown sugar and paprika to the spog you'll be good to go.
  7. Hello folks.  geerock has offered some good advice.  As I can't tell where either of you folks are from I will only ask vaffanulo what is your past experience with eating brisket?  I am asking because of your concern with bark.  I am aware that with pulled pork folks say they like bark.  I am from Texas and pulled pork isn't what we are known for.  Folks now make it but traditionally we will slice butt.  Traditional smoked, sliced Tx. brisket has very little bark.  Bark can   ( but not always ) be hard and tough if not adding some sort of finishing sauce.  I can only offer this advice.  I don't compete so I don't have to convince judges.  I use only salt and pepper and let the meat taste and smoke take center stage.  Most folks now use rubs.  The rubs taste GREAT.  You have no idea what the actual meat tastes like but the RUB was GREAT.  This is only my opinion and my way of doing things.  You should experiment and find what you and your family like and stick with it.  If you like steak sauce on your steak, then my way isn't for you.  If I am offered steak sauce I ask "why, is there something wrong with the steak"?  Find what you like my friend.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  8. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Yeah, I agree with Danny on most points. I can tell you how to get a good bark, but like very little myself. I wholeheartily agree about the meat being the star. That beautiful feel and taste of butter tender brisket can get ruined by that hard shell bark on beef. I've seen rubs with 12 to 15 ingredients in them. For what? And steak sauce is for folks who don't have a good steak to start with. I use SPOG in small amounts and I don't inject. I also don't uae just the flat and I don't wrap until its time to let it rest. In other words .... she goes in the smoker, gets to 200 IT, gets wrapped with a little liquid for a while, gets sliced and eaten. Every now and then I'll turn part of it into so called burnt ends. (I know Texas Danny, that's sacrilege where you come from :biggrin:). What I'm trying to say is over time I've reduced the babysitting and prep time by just letting things stay simple. Ak l the best to you.
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  9. vaffanculo403

    vaffanculo403 Fire Starter


    I've honestly only ever had brisket a few times so I'm open to suggestions.  My personal opinion on the bark is that it's almost like all the ingredients of the rub are concentrated there and gives it extra flavor.  Once again I'm new to all this and I could be way off base,  I know on time I had it it was really spicy.  I'm OK with some kick but I don't need it to light fire in my mouth.  Has anyone ever tried a rub with brown sugar on a brisket?

  10. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    When you have great brisket you dont need much extra flavor IMHO.

    And BTW, vaffanculo..... if your opinion of great taste is a nice concentration of rub with the meat there's nothing wrong with that. So don't worry about being "off base". To each his own. Brisket happens to be my favorite and when it comes out right its heaven. Over the years I've tried this and that and have come to realize with a little kosher salt and a little butchers blend coarse pepper that's all I need.
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  11. foamheart

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    Some good advise. If you are new to smoking I suggest you take it slow. Basic rub, if you want excitement, use the search engine and you'll have several to chose from. If you must here are just some,

    My biggest suggestion is if you have not got a remote thermometer, get one. There is lots of kinds, I use an old Maverick. Just so happens one of the site sponsors has them on sale for fathers day. His name is Todd, great salesman!

    Second, fine a Guru and try to glean his wisdom. In real life this might involved a dozen donuts, here it usually involved reading then asking questions. Here is a pretty good start toward the reading prerequisite.

    If this isn't what you are looking for, maybe another Guru will be more to you liking. Look under the beef section in the forums should be some.

    Might I also suggest that you run by the Roll call section and say Hi so you can get the Big boy hello and meet some fine people, they will assist you on your journey thru the site including rules, profiles, equip, etc etc etc..... There are some mighty smart folks here that can help you.

    Nice meeting you, hope what I have said helps and please take a min. to check in so you can be welcomed properly.
  12. vaffanculo403

    vaffanculo403 Fire Starter

    And what do you guys recommend for temperature inside the smoker?  I got a 5 pound brisket.  I know I've read that it should take about an hour or so per pound but I've heard varying opinions on temperature...
  13. foamheart

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    If you are not a Guru, its about Internal Temperatute (IT).

    Here is another good example

    There is no such thing as time, and as to temperature its only about the IT.

    Time is estimated at 1.5 to 2 hours per pound, but thats a huge margin because the meat is dumb, it can't tell time.

    Good luck with your smoke!
  14. vaffanculo403

    vaffanculo403 Fire Starter

    I understand it's about internal temperature. I'm planning on cooking until it hits 190° internal temperature. However, I'm asking what do you try to get your smoker at to cook the brisket until it reaches that temperature? 220°? 250°?

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  15. vaffanculo403

    vaffanculo403 Fire Starter

    Anyway, this is what I decided to go with...

    1/4 cup cumin
    1/2 cup of pepper
    1/2 cup of koser salt
    1/2 cup of granulated garlic
    1/2 cup of onion powder
    1/2 cup of paparika
    1/2 cup of chili powder
    1 cup of brown sugar

    As I said previously I'm planning to cook until it hits 190° internally. Just have to pick a good temp for my smoker. Thinking maybe 240°?

    I have it all ready to go in around noon tomorrow. Here's what it looks like so far...


    Thoughts? Opinions?

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  16. vaffanculo403

    vaffanculo403 Fire Starter

    Oh and yes I do have plenty of rub left over for next time. I could have gotten away with cutting everything in half but I just stuck it in a mason jar for next time...

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  17. so ms smoker

    so ms smoker Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

     I see you have a rub and a good plan. Go with it! It should be good. When done, taste and see what you like about it. TAKE NOTES! (weight, rub, temp, time) This way you will know what to change next time. There is no perfect answer. If YOU  liked it, it was a good smoke!

  18. jarjarchef

    jarjarchef Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I did not see an answer to your question.

    The cook temp will vary from person to person, sort of like what to season with or what wood to use. It really comes down to what you prefer. The only way to figure that out is to cook over and over and keep track of what you do. Then you will get a feel for it.

    Traditional low and slow BBQ is 225 degrees. I personally like to cook at 250-275. I like to have the temp cushion and I find it helps push through the stall a bit faster without wrapping.

    Beef is a very fun meat to cook. But like others have said keep it simple and allow the beef and smoke to shine. So for starting out I would go light with any rub you use and then adjust as needed for the next one till you get a feel for it.
  19. jarjarchef

    jarjarchef Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I forgot to add. Cooking to a temp is good, but the brisket is really about the tenderness too. When you are getting close you can take a tooth pick and stick the brisket in different spots. It should slide in with little or no resistance. If you are have to force it, it needs to cook more. Try it before you put it in the smoker and you will see how it changes over time. You will get tough then it will get tender. This is the cooking process that is breaking down the connective tissue and making it more tender.
  20. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Personally I think you are pulling a bit early at 190. Minimum 195 for me. And jarjar's toothpick test is tried and true. It should go in with no resistance. Trust me when I tell you that undercooked brisket can be a big disappointment. And don't forget that rest period. Leave plenty of time so you're not forced to rush it.

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