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  1. weatherby sa-459 threat response 12 gauge shotgun, bushmaster ar-15, 1000 rounds of .223, 5 thirty round mags, 5 twenty round mags. and zip ties
  2. boykjo

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    There goes the neighborhood........ congrats................[​IMG]
  3. Wow - SERIOUS score! Congratulations!!
  4. I ended up with the Weston 7 lb stuffer from my parents  [​IMG]

    I also got a chocolate orange & popcorn  [​IMG]
  5. hoity toit

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    I got a foodsaver, dremel tool, a big toolbox for my power tools that were taking up most of a closet in the laundry room, screw drivers, a gallon of nunus cajun seasoning, a coffee maker.

    We gave these out to everyone. Salsa, pepper jelly, and summer sausage, all homemade.
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    A Food Saver. 
  8. imjesse1

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    Love my food saver, it's nice I buy meat in bulk and freeze half

  9. It was a good year at my house between my wife and my in-laws I got all new power tools for our house, we only moved in 6 months ago so these will be great for getting stuff done around here. I also got a nice new leatherman.
  10. pastorgadget

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    Masterbuilt Dual Fuel 2 door smoker 

    Barbecue related was a Green Bay Packer Sportula :)  Smoked the Christmas Turkey Breast on it, it was good :)
  11. daveomak

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    Time to retire the 20+ year old plastic Rival slicer.....   A Chef's Choice 615 and smooth blade for thin slicing.....

    And a 135 Lumen LED 3 cell Mag Light.... Man is it bright...  

    And a machine to help keep "Old Age" at bay.....  Help it helps with the memory part of old age..

  12. thsmormonsmokes

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    I got a finger to put something sparkly on:

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    Dang, Dave, I was just about to put my slicer (exact same one) up for sale, used once with the smooth blade to go with it. I would've "cut " you a super deal. I guess I will try craigslist and put it up here anyway but seeing you with a brand new one makes me wish I had it posted sooner.

    For Christmas my super awesome wife got me a new power drill, the Cyber Q BBQ Guru (the wifi one), some new boots, and a Glock 19 Gen 4. As soon as the stupid Maryland waiting period is over I will take a picture with all of my gifts. [​IMG]
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    No doubt.  Congrats ThsMormmonSmokes! 
  16. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]...that's three thumbs up!!!   Congrats!

  17. From my WONDERFUL wife!!
  18. BBQ Stuff:  Grill-Right talking digital thermometer, Bear Paws, Bayou Classic stainless injector, customizeable meat brand, Chef Paul Prudhomme's magic seasonings, and an awesome grilling sword (looks like I might have to pull out the smoker in the snow).

    Other Stuff: bow ties, ties, clothes, boring stuff. 
  19. From one Utard to another, CONGRATS!
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    It is a blessing to find someone to share your journey with.

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