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  1. I'm going to get a Smokin-it smoker for part of my birthday present in a few months.

    ***My only problem***  What size???  The model#3 is waaay to large for my wife and myself, so...#2 or #1??

    Here's what I'll use it for:  NFL(Houston Texans) Sunday cooking...August through Superbowl, maybe a Thanksgiving turkey.  So, is a model#1 best for me or a model#2.  The most I'd ever cook for(people) would be up to three.  I hate to get the model#2 and think why....then I'd hate to buy the model #1 and need more space.

    I did go to an Everything B.B.Q. store here in Oklahoma City and look at the Cookshack compare with the Smokin-it.  I really like the Cookshack but dang, I dislike spending that amount for what little use I'd use it.

    Hmmmm, model#1 or#2.   Maybe I should ask....Is there anyone who bought the model #1 and wished they bought the number 2??

    Thank you for you help and I really am enjoying this website!!!

  2. People keep saying the difference in model 2 and 3 is $100.  Not entirely true.  Add an additional $70 for shipping because it is an oversized box.  BTW...talked to Steve on Thursday and ordered a number 2.  Cant wait to start..
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  3. scubadoo97

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    The biggest problem I see with model 1 is the 350 watt heating element. Just seems way too low. Recovery could be an issue. 500 watts would seem more appropriate
  4. suya

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    Cohiba, the model #3 might be too big for you, but there will come a day when you have guests over or you neighbors catch wind (get it, catch wind...I digress) of the fact you have a smoker. I made the pleasant mistake of smoking 9 racks of ribs New Years day for my neighbors. They and their kids are still dropping hints [​IMG]. I'm sure you will be happy with whatever purchase you make, but once you make it, you can't go bigger.
  5. gonzo

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    Cohiba - I'm kinda in the same boat as you...yet to get a smoker but when I do it will be a #1 or #2. I'll probably opt for the #2 to give me a little more capacity but yet not too big. I'm also a modest smoker with mostly just my wife and I and an occasional relative or two. I'm sure I could get by with a #1 just fine, but the #2 should be just about right.
  6. louballs

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    Ive got the number 1 and it has plenty of room for a small get together. You could easily fit a decent sized shoulder and a few racks of ribs in there. Maybe I wish i got the 2 for "just in case" moments, but im very happy with the #1. Im going to be purchasing the amazen dust smoker for cold smoking as even with the cold plate. Its too tedious to turn the unit on/off every hour. Not practical for long cold smokes.
  7. crvtt

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    I have the model1 and love it, has always been big enough for the two of us.  I wouldn't mind having a the #2, but $300 for the #1 was already about double what I was hoping to spend for my first smoker so I had to stop somwhere.   Had I known I enjoy smoking as much as I do, I may have opted for the #2 but I do not regret having the #1.  Yesterday was the first time I wish I had a #2.  I did a chicken in a foil pan and cauliflower in a foil pan, wanted to do almonds too but the height of the chicken wouldn't allow me to fit in a third rack.  I can fit three aluminum pans in the #1, but the contents of that pan can't exceed the height of the pan itself in order to fit all three in the #1 smoker. 

    Some worry about the 350 watt element, I actually like it.  It uses less electricity and I cook using a thermometer.  I don't open the door until it's done, so I don't worry about recovery time.   If you're constantly opening the door to mop or peek or poke then I could see the concern.
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  8. wingzofsteel

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    I never worry about the recovery time. The smoker is insulated very well and never do I notice the cause and effect of opening the door when it's time to foil. I also have the NO.1 unit and have no regrets. It cooks plenty for us. In my case, I couldn't see the value of the extra space difference the No.2 offers. I also wanted a smoker that was light enough to pick up easily and take it camping with me. I have since learned through this forum the No.3 is much lighter than advertised which now, if I were to do it all over again, I might swing that way.
  9. chef willie

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    I must say I'm amazed by all the folks catching on to this line of smokers and veering away from the MES line. I bought my SI#3 in Jan and was hard pressed to find info/reviews about it. Be that as it may....there are just 2 of us here and I opted for the #3. I will admit I had some extra cash stashed for a purchase and it is bigger than I actually need (so far). Regardless, I still agonized for weeks before finally making the call so can feel everybodys angst over which unit to actually get. IF u can afford the next size up from your choice...go for it. If not, get the model u can afford now and call it good. If later you decide you need the next size up save up a few bucks and sell the smaller one to your neighbor. It's all good...And for the record, I've scoured the Net, other forums and even Amazon before buying mine and did not find a really valid complaint on any of the sizes.
  10. I got my #2 smoker on the 1st of the year, like Chef Willie I searched for months all over for information and reviews before purchasing. It was hard to find much info on the smokin-it units at the time, but at the same time there was nothing negative said in any of them. That said I purchased the #2. I couldn't justify the #3 and my wife would have been a bit upset at me for spending that much on another outdoor bbq tool (bought a weber s-330 this past summer). I have yet to fill my #2 to the max capacity. Ribs fit on a shelf just perfectly, maybe a bit tight, but they do fit without having to half them. Recovery time isn't a problem, usually back to temp in 5-10 minutes depending on how long you had the door open. The shelves slide out so you can easily mop within a minute or two. Or if it you are going to foil, I pull the whole shelf and close the door while I'm foiling. 3-1/2 months of use (every weekend) and so far I can't think of a complaint.
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  11. I came here looking for information on Electric Smokers for dual purpose. Smoking conveniently at home, and easily transported on camping trips with the family. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about the "Smokin-It" Smoker and will be placing my order for the Model 1 today.

    Thanks guys for the help. I will keep you posted on my review and results.

    Hotty Toddy!
  12. scubadoo97

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    For those with a #1, do you have any issues with a full rack of ribs?  15X15" is pretty tight for a full rack.
  13. crvtt

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    I haven't done ribs yet on my #1, but I'm guessing a full rack will have to be cut in half.    Maybe a smaller rack will fit diagonally on the rack. 
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  14. wingzofsteel

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    With my No 1 I have to cut each rack into two pieces. That said I use a Cuisinart rib rack for one shelf, which will hold two complete racks (four halves). Then I place the next rack (two pieces) flat on the shelf below. Unfortunately, there isn't enough vertical height to use another rib rack for the lower shelf, or at least I haven't been able to figure it out at this time.  
  15. Model 1 is big enough for my wife and I......yes the ribs need to be cut in half
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  16. louballs

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    I've actually done full baby backs without having to cut it half, it was tight, but possible.
  17. Louballs...hey guy, what model do you have....1,2, or 3 for that full baby back ribs you posted.

  18. This is of a #2

  19. Grimm5577,

    That picture is nice....very nice!!!
  20. louballs

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    I've got a number 1, sorry thought I mentioned!

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