Smoked meats and Diabetics Please HELP

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sprky, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. sprky

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    Hi all;
    I’m hoping someone out there can help us out here. Wife just recently learned she is diabetic and must take insulin daily. The dietician told her to stay away from smoked meats. We asked why and she didn’t have the answer, it was just on the avoid list.[​IMG] We are hoping this is incorrect as we love smoked meats. Normally id be smoking every weekend, but haven’t lately due to this advice, and I’m going through withdraws…[​IMG].lol. I have some smoked meat in freezer, but not a lot, that I take to work, but that’s not going to last long. I don’t want to smoke more if she can’t have it as it will drive her nuts while I’m smoking.[​IMG] SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP US OUT ON THIS GOOD BAD OR OTHERWISE. THANKS
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    I think alot of it has to do with the sauces generally applied because alot of them contain large amounts of sugar as do most of the rubs... That and the salt content is VERY high on stuff Like Tony's Creole etc.. both things are huge no no's to diabetics...
  4. ronp

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    Good point there.
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    Never heard that before Sprky, Salt is not an issue for a diabetic, at least not anymore then for the average Joe. If I had to guess the dietitians reasoning I'd say it was the sugar or carb's you get in the sauces, which will raise your blood sugar level. And the fat and calories not because it will effect your blood sugar but diabetes is more controllable if you can lower your weight. I'd get another opinion...from her doctor. and please let us know your findings.
  6. fritz

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    Does she have type 1 or type 2? I have type one and I use an insulin pump. I have no problems eating Q.

  7. pops6927

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    I am diabetic and there are simple things you can do. Make your own sausages so you can greatly reduce the fat content. Make buckboard bacon instead of buying regular bacon, much leaner, and use Splenda® instead of sugar in the cure. Do without the BBQ sauces or make your own with Splenda® instead, same way with rubs and substitute instead of sugar (you won't get the carmelization but it's better for you). Smoke leaner cuts of meat and discard the skin on poultry. Make a concientious effort to reduce sugars and fats and use low salt substitutes and you'll do fine; that's why I don't use TenderQuik as it's higher salt than I want and I can control the salt content using DQ cure and my own salt added instead.
  8. alblancher

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    I agree with all previous posts. I would like to add that moderation is important in controlling diabetes. Most Type IIs are the result of bad diets over the years and an emphasis is placed on weight loss.

    No way of cooking is prohibited. Smoking adds great flavor with no extra fats or calories. After cooking remove all visible fat from your wife's portion. Be creative in your cooking. Keep portions reasonable.

    Look at your wife's disease as an opportunity to relearn how to cook. Learn and appreciate new flavors. Smoked vegetables with a light brush of herb infused olive oil is a great food to "fill up on" while dining on well trimmed brisket or home made sausage. Sugar based sauces are a staple in our hobby but this is an opportunity to learn about natural fruit based marinades and sauces. Fresh peaches, blackberries, blueberries, citrus added to a tomato or vinegar based sauce with a bit of no-calorie sweetener add a depth of flavor and complexity.

    Your wife will learn to eat a lot of salad. Use smoked chicken, cheese or bits of smoked fish to add flavor to these salads.

    Learn about the glycemic index. Combining low index foods with high index foods lowers the rate of absorption of the sugars provided by the high index foods. This produces a moderate plateau effect of blood sugar levels instead of the dramatic spikes found when eating high index foods by themselves.

    The most important thing about controlling diabetes is dedication to a life style that to most of us find different from the way we spent most of our lives. Exercise, portion control, attention to food selection and medication are the key to control.

    Look at this as an opportunity to experiment with new flavors and techiques.
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    I too have Type II and as has been mentioned in some of the posts above-moderation is the key. Like Pops said, make the switch to Splenda and reduce the salts used. Somewhere in the Rubs section I have a rub recipe that calls for unsweetened kool-aid.

    And remember, you don't have to stick to the fattier meats for smoking. Lately I've been smoking more beef chuck roasts, chicken and salmon using only olive oil, salt and pepper.

    When I was first diagnosed as Type II 12 years ago, my A1c was 12.9. My last 4 A1c levels have been 6.0 or lower (last check up it was 5.7) So if I can control my numbers and still bbq, life is good.[​IMG]
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    Excellent advice to live by.
  11. werdwolf

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    Wow, great info above.

    As a doc and someone who has bad insulin resistance (read as pre diabetes), I turned to making my own sausage and smoking meats.

    The low glycemic concept is what you are really aiming for.

    If your stuck on something PM me.
  12. chisoxjim

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    stay away from HFCS(high fructose corn syrup) loaded sauces and marinades like Yoshidas & other sickly sweet storebought stuff. .
  13. danmcg

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    NO NO say it ain't so.... no Yoshidas.
    [​IMG] sorry Ron I had to do it.

    I've been holding my own with type 2 for maybe 10 years now. my doc says to cut way down on the white food, taters rice pasta and breads... and he also mentioned something about beer but I have selective hearing.
  14. chisoxjim

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    didnt mean to single out that stuff, any of the mass produced, highly processed, sauces/marinades loaded with hfcs arn't good for you your sugar level, or salt intake.
  15. jaso

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    I work with a guy who is diabetic and he says meats are fine .....I agree with try to avoid fatty ones and sweet sauces and it should be ok. Just have your wife watch her numbers after a meal to be safe.
  16. doctor phreak

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    everyone here has great advice ..but the key elements are excersise , portion control , and medicine if needed.....i am diabetic and i keep my BG levels under 140 pretty much 99% of the problem is the insulin resistence is high so i take juaniva once a day to slow my pancreas down
    the real thing you need to look at is the carbs in , you can have anything you want but how much of it depends on your levels....and of course you do have to look at the calories and fat as well.....good luck
  17. Listen I am a Diabetic! I've been one since 1976. I currently use an insulin pump (thank god for the pump) Believe me you can drive yourself nuts worring about all the things to eat or not to eat. I think good judgement is the key. I count my carbs and pump up to my calculations. I don't even think about it anymore. I am 58 yrs old, and watch my salt intake and my fat intake to a point, but you gotta live happy also. I would suggest you check into some diabetic counciling, perhaps at your local medical center.
    Just a thought!!!
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    I to am type 2 non insulin dependent. I take 2 diabetic meds twice a day. As others have said moderation is the key. I watch my sugar and carbs but when I Q I won't give up flavor to the desease. If I smoke a brisket much of it is frozen for later meals if done for just the wife and I. It is much about portions and carbs and a treat now and then if not to often helps the soul.
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  20. justsmoke2

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    Type 2 here myself. when I went to my first dietician I was mainly doing summer sausage and jerky at that time. Her advice was I could have a 4 ozs of the meat if I kept the sausage 80% no lower. Then jerky is almost all lean meat if your doing it yourself.
    Shooter I was on medication avandia. I am now diabled from the medication which has destroyed 70% of my heart. So if you taking it which is a good med watch and get your heart looked at. After going into a coma from a normal procedure my reg doc said if he knew then what he knows now he would have asked to have my heart checks done. I know this off thread here but just wanted to make yous aware of what can happen. On the other hand I get to park in the blue spots now legally. lol

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