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Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by bamafan, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. s2k9k

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    Tim, I was just talking to Keith on another thread and it reminded me of a mistake I made with mine. Are you planning on notching your dowel rod holders? I did and wasn't thinking and made all the notches line up top to bottom. Well that's not good when you go to hang a bunch and want to hang multiple rows. I should have offset the notches top to bottom so the rods will not hang directly below one another. Not a big deal because the rods won't roll after you hang sausage on them so I just put them where they fit best but it would be better if I could use the notches.
    Just something to think about.
  2. bamafan

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    Dave what I had planned on doing was having all the notches at 1" spacing. So I could just offset what ever row I needed to? Don't know if that is a good idea or not. Will post some picture of the electrical box tonight. Got to move the terminal strip over about an inch. Piss poor planing on my behave. The box is barely deep enough for the pid and I tried to center the terminacl strip. the lid will close but have to ease it. Mving the strip to the left 1" should fix everything.
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  3. s2k9k

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    Yea that spacing will work and give you options for just about anything (guess I should have done that!), I just didn't want you to make the same mistake I did!
  4. bamafan

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    Well was raining today so didn't get to finish trying to cut the piece of stainless out to shin the back but I did work on the control box.

    Power on and no sparks! Good day! Chased my tail for a while. When I first turned it on the LED at the end of the extension cord was lit so I thought what the heck. Put my meter on it and had 70VAC. After several hours of having 2 other people check the wiring and wondering what the heck, it was leakage thru the SSR. It was normal for the spec sheet just enough to lite the dang LED in the extension cord.

    Used some old 5" bolts for legs.

    After 2 hours of reading the instructions and playing with the PID controls I give up for now. Frustrated so time to step back. I did get it to turn the element on (don't know how?) and checked the current it was 9.3 amps. May change the element breaker to a 15 AMP like Dave was talking about doing. Any words of wisdom would greatly be appreciated. The PID is model SYL-2352P from Auberins. Dave I may have to give you a call. Like reading greek to me.
  5. s2k9k

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    Tim, what are you having problems with?
    Do you have the manuals for it?
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  6. bamafan

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    Yes I printed them out. Just doesn't make any sense to me. The display didn't show what the manual said it would at turn on so I was lost from the get go. Going to PM you.
  7. What kind of temperature probe do you have? a K-Type?
  8. bamafan

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    Yes it is a K-type
  9. bamafan

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    Thanks Dave (S2K9K) for explaining the PID controls to me. That was a life saver! I owe you a few cool ones the next time I see you. Hopefully April! Name your favorite and it's on me. Great people on this site always willing to help out.
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    Nice build Tim!
  11. s2k9k

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    Tim you don't owe me anything, I'm just trying to give back a little bit of what I have recieved on here, don't think I'll live long enough to get out of debt to all the people who have helped me!!!
    I'm just happy you are getting a handle on it and it is coming together for you!!!
    Can't wait to see it in action!!!
  12. bamafan

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    Got a little done tonight. Got the back skin on. Took forever to get this piece cut off and hammer kinda straight. It's brushed stainless so not going to clean up to well .

    Here is the dishwasher I cut the piece out of. Thicker metal than what I needed but what the heck. Price was right.

    I really need a plasma cutter. I should buy cut off wheels by the gross.

    Hopefully next week I can try it out. Cut one piece wrong tonight but lucky for me I messed up on the long side.

     Need new gasket. Ideas?

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  13. jckdanls 07

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    Tim... I just bought some stove rope gasket (w/glue) from Ace hardware... ordered it online and shipped to store (no shipping charge to the store)... They have different diameter round and also have flat... which I think would work better for your application... looking good bub
  14. bamafan

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    Got all the stainless metal on today and the smoke stack cut in. Will post up some photo's soon. Getting closer. Just got to do the door gasket and get a penetration for the themo couple and power cord for the element. And a few more odds and end like rail to hold the dowels and a heat shield for the element. May have to cut the legs off and replace one more piece of metal but I’ll see when I lay it over.
  15. bamafan

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    Progress report. Got the vent cut in and the smoke stack on. Have 1 amazin smoker going. Hard to see the smoke but seems to run good. May need to run 2 in this?

    Got the heat shield/smoke deflector bent and mounted.

  16. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Looking Good Tim!!!!
    I only run 1 AMNPS in mine but I light both ends and get plenty of smoke.
    I am real curious to see how the heat shield works, thought about using one but haven't tried it yet.
  17. bamafan

    bamafan Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    One of the main reasons for it Dave was to keep any grease from getting on the element. That's the plan at least. Now that I cut the vent in the gap between the outer wall and inner wall was much larger than I thought, so now I have to come up with some more metal to close that off and trim it up to protect the insulation.
  18. c farmer

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    Very nice build.
  19. bamafan

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    Little more done. Got the metal cut and bent to cap the air intake gap. Installed the inside vent. This one has a screen built into the back side to keep the bigger bugs out!

    Hope to finish it tomorrow and move it to the house and fire it up to see how the temps are going to work. Then hopefully a test run next weekend on some sausage.

  20. bamafan

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    Finished. Got the heavy sucker moved into place and did a test run on the PID. Didn't have enough time to get it up to 180 but I don't for see any problem. Loaded a full tray in the amazin smoker and it burned completely in 6 hours with good TBS. Hope to try a batch of either polish or anduoille this weekend. Still waiting on the new gasket material but it will do for now til it gets here.

    Have 3 rows I can hang from. All are off set by 2"
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