planing to build a reverse flow in australia (virgin build)

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by aussiq, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Tight welding. Makes mine look like a amature.
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  2. aussiq

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    Got onto the fire grate today and mounted it in the firebox
  3. Beauties.
  4. aussiq

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  5. Those wheels!!  [​IMG]      Gonna be overpriced and small caster wheels for me....

    I'm embarrassed to put up the pics of my FB after looking at your welds too! Looking forward to your next stage.

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    Yeah the castors are a rip. Iam still thinking about castors at the opposite end of the fb so i can swing it close to the wall for storage. But maybe because the fb is so heavy i might even be able to lift the oppisite end with my pinki finger in this case i wont go with casters. You probably dont want to get small castors because the bloody things wouldnt even roll over a garden hose. I was told bunnings has some 100mm (4 inch) ones that are cheep. I havent checked them out yet.

    Dont be embarrassed about ur welds. More pics the better. People wont be worried about your welds....when they would be more worried about dropping the meat on tha floor coz its soo mouth watering tender
  7. Haha well hopefully I can use the new smoker to get as good a result as I can with my keg.

    Castors are a rip but there's no way I could make anything remotely as good as those wheels. I was looking at some iron ones instead of urethane ones.

    These were the ones from Bunnings but it's still over a hundred bucks for 4 plus they're pretty small. I would be worried about the rolling weight of the finished smoker on such a small wheel.

    I don't see it being moved around much though so I might get away with it. Not having been around one in person I'm not sure how much heat the FB throws off but I don't think I wanted to go down the road of rubber wheels...

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  8. I found these at in the vintage section. They are 8" diameter X 2" wide & rated 1100# each for $29.40.  Not sure what the shipping will be, but these are a better deal compared to what you are looking at now.  I'm going to order 2 for the front end of mine.

  9. Just bought 2 of the above casters.  Ground shipping was $15.75 To Indianapolis, IN.  The description says for indoor use, but cast iron should be OK in the outdoors if it's kept lubed regularly.
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    that is a pretty good site for castors. I cant belive the colour options or even how many other option there are. Unfortunately for me iam in australia and if they were willing to post to australia it would be so expensive... those castors bazza posted thats $26 AUD and more then likely made in china. But kingddemo thats a nice find and those castors will do nicely. Look nice and strong too
  11. Hey AussiQ. And fellow aussie..
    Father inlaw built a reverse flow a while back, turned out wicked..
    Used a 130L 4wd gas tank and made the fire box from 6mm plate.
    For him it was to big and costly to run so has since sold it and gone a komodo.
    I have a small keg smoker.. great for single roasts..
    Sorry I don't have many pics atm but if you like I can raid his faceache page..
  12. Hey BigGQ,

    What a shame he got rid of that! It looks like an awesome rig and is exactly what I'm trying to build.

    Funny I'm doing what sounds like the opposite of you. I have my keg smoker which I have outgrown which is why I'm building the reverse flow. I would swap some pictures with you but I don't want to hijack AussiQ's thread.

    Hey AussiQ I couldn't tell from the pics. Does that rebar you used for the grate slide out or will you just be moving a coal basket in and out?

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    Damm big gq thats nice... i actully have the same gas tank but for some reason i ended up just starting from scratch
  14. aussiq

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    Bazza iam glad you no why your building a reverse smoker because i still have no idea why i am. I actully need a cold smoker maybe thats the next project.

    And about the fire grate it is fully removeable. Just sits on angle thats welded to the side of the fire box. I rekon this took longer to make and weld then what my wheels did
  15. Hahaha well looking at your metal skills I suspect part of building one of these is because you CAN! I'm not sure if you've played around with American style BBQ much but once you start down that road there's absolutely no turning back. It seems to be getting really popular here in Perth at the moment. I can think of at least 4 joints that have opened in the last year or so! 

    Yeah I can see a hell of a lot of measurements, cuts and tack welds went into the grate. Going to be plain old mesh for me!

  16. Father inlaw made his as a box which you can remove.

  17. But he eventually made it into a box.. these are just the tray[​IMG]
  18. Inside bottom plate as a drip tray
    The tube runs right threw out the bottom with a ball valve so it will hold water if needed..

  19. Simple flu cap

  20. aussiq

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    Ok so i still have nothing to show on my build. Fax machine? You ask. Well today i used the fax to finally order the steel i need to continue my build so stay tunned

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