Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by scootermagoo, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Hello and Merry Christmas,

    I figured I'd start a thread on this fridge conversion since it seems nobody else has tried it.  Pictures included.  I will post as it progresses.  I have a 40s or 50s era Admiral fridge.  Everything is steel, the inter tub is enameled steel.  I have gutted it already and have started the conversion.  Purchased the Smoke Daddy pellet burner unit a week or so ago.  Fridge is prepped for mounting of the pellet unit.  I need to make flashings, a heat deflector and a drip deflector.  I know a guy in the metal fab business, so i am going to try to get stainless flashings made and a stainless inner door skin, the original inner door skin is steel but contoured in a way that will prevent me from making my own door seal.  I will need to re-insulate, I will use rock wool.  The lower part of the interior tub has a nice depression in the bottom of it to collect fat.  I have a drain installed in it and it is plumbed to the outside to a 3/4" ball valve.  I plan on giving it a kick ass flame paint job, like the mailbox.  Only the body will be the orange shown with green and purple flames.  I will keep everybody posted on the progress.


  2. tjohnson

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    Very Cool!

    I'm working on a proofer conversion and gonna use a pellet pooper

    You're gonna have a tough time keeping the temps down, so you may want to look at an electric element for low temp smoking

    Waiting for the next update!!

  3. paul catt

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    Nice ..cant wait to see more ...I can see you have skills ...I'm not aloud to play with power tools  lol
  4. tjohnson

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    Update Please???
  5. scootermagoo

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    That's it so far.  Progress is continuing.  I am getting some stainless for flashings and door skin.
  6. therealfrosty

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    Awesome build, cant wait to see the progress.
  7. scootermagoo

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    Frosty, is the R2D2 smoker pictured in your avatar yours?  That is extremely clever.
  8. therealfrosty

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    sadly no, but i figured it reflected my personality best that I could find.
  9. scootermagoo

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    The project is moving forward, slowly but surely.  I installed all of the stainless flashings and installed the new inner door skin, stainless as well.  It all still has the protective film applied yet, I will remove that when its done.  I will be working on the door gasket next.  I am looking at some fiberglass rope type of gasket from McMaster-Carr.  I have a 1/2" gap to fill between the door and body.  I am planning on getting the 5/8" diameter gasket.  It has a flange sewn onto the edge of the gasket.  I will attach that to the face of the flashing with a narrow strip of steel the full length of the gasket and attach it with pop rivets.  I will sandwich the gasket flange between the steel strip and the flashing.  The gasket has a 1000° temp rating...ah....that should work.  Anyways, here are a few pictures:

    Smoke Daddy pellet pooper unit poised and ready to get mounted on this bad boy!!

    Door back on.  There are a few small dents that need to get knocked out and some minor rust to be sanded off before the wicked ass paint gets laid on.

    So, I gotta work on the gasket and attach the angles inside the unit for the shelves.  I have 6 old oven racks ready to get cut to size for the inside.  Once that is all fitted up, it's disassembly time.  Bodywork, then lay on the paint and reassemble and get this bitch smokin'.  Oh yeah, can't forget insulating, I am going to use Rockwool.
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  10. scootermagoo

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    Here is a computer rendering of the semi-finished smoker.

    Things are slow at work today, we're in the middle of a snowstorm.
  11. scootermagoo

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    Yeah, it's going slow, lots of irons in the fire.  BUT, I attached the pellet burner unit and gave it a test run.  Got up to 225 in no time, even without insulation or a working door gasket!!  Works great, except the "hot rod' never come on.  I will  have to contact Smoke Daddy.  Here are a few pictures:

    A few racks in, more to come.

    A close up of the burner, heat deflector and grease deflector.

    After running it, I believe i will need an A-Maze-N pellet smoker as well.  Pellet poopers don't produce a lot of smoke, do they.  They burn efficiently.

    I have it striped down now, prepping for the wicked ass paint.
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  12. ballagh

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    update please :)
  13. scootermagoo

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    No new updates as of recent.  Currently traveling for work.  The smoker has been disassembled for paint.  I have a new Eastwood Concours HVLP spray gun with a 1.2mm tip coming for spraying waterborne paints.  I am using Auto Air paint, which is water based.  If all goes well, I will be painting and clearing next week.  Pearl Hugger Orange and Pearl White.  I can always finish the paint details at a later time.  I am going to do some gold leaf, pinstriping and lettering on the door.  I have a name for the smoker, you will find out what it is when I finish the project and do the final reveal.  The name is quite appropriate.  After paint is done, it's insulate, reassemble, install door gasket, final reveal and start smoking. 
  14. ballagh

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    I am in the tear apart stage of my dual door commercial SS build and am leaning towards the smoke daddy pellet pooper and magnum P.I.G.  Curious how well it gets up to temp, what the high and low temp you are getting with it, and how happy u r with it.  
  15. scootermagoo

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    Got back from Winona MN this past Tuesday. I was there for that last 10 freaking days.  Finaly got some time to spend on my smoker.  Got the base coat squirted on.  Here are some potato cam pics:

    DAMN IT! I need more room!!!!!

    HEY!!!! I just noticed something!! Coincidence?!

    Actually, it is.  The potato cam doesn't show color very well and the color looks WAAAAYYYYY reder than it actually is going to be.  Once the base coat is buryed in clear coat, the color will look a pearl orange straight on an take on a red cast on the side view.  Right now you can't see the pearl.  It's there, it's just not evident because the clear makes it come to life.

    It's getting there.

    Next......clear coat, pinstriping and lettering.
  16. scootermagoo

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    Sorry, I didn't see your post.  I did a test fire several weeks ago cuz I was just itchy to see this thing in action and it gets up to temp easily, as stated in the earlier post.  I would worry about the magnum PIG.  I heard they produce a lot of creosote and are hard to keep clean.  I bought a AMNPS and it works great.  I cold smoked up some cheddar on my Weber with it.  It produces some of the most beautiful TBS ever.  I will need to play with it for placement, though.  If I place it to close to the open flame of the pellet pooper, the TBS may be consumed.  That will be determined later I guess.

    Thanks for watching.
  17. looks good...what are you using for aheat source for your unit?
  18. scootermagoo

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    .......................a Smoke Daddy pellet burner.
  19. scootermagoo

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    Here's a peek..........

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  20. 911tacoma

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    Tease, I cant wait to see it.....Looking good from what I can see...

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