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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by signalguys, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I just received my ET-732 today. I purchased it on for $58.74 with free shipping.

    So far it looks good and after reviewing the instructions it is pretty easy to operate and is just what I needed.

    It will be a couple of weeks before I can use it so I will update this post once I do.

  2. I look forward to your update.
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    Chris you will love the ET-732. Can't wait to hear your feed back.
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    Yup, you're gonna dig the ET-732

    Great thermo for the $$$
  5. I just bought two Briskets at $1.99 a pound and two Butts, buy 1 got 1 free, soi I hope to use it soon.
  6. Yep, VERY NICE!!!!!

    After the first use, I boil tested the Maverick because it differed from the temp probe on my smoker dome. I found the Maverick was within a few degrees of 212 but the dome was low by about 30 degrees. Was surprised the dome was that far off. I was able to calibrate it.

    I was not even 50' from the smoker and received loss of signal alarms a few times.

    I can't wait to use it again.
  7. I just bought the Maverick 732 and used it for the first time.  My 22.5 WSM dome thermometer  was 38 degrees lower than the Maverick…the temp probe was on the top grate (clipped in, not touching any metal)…is this normal?….I always thought that the dome temp was supposed to be hotter.
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  9. Did you get it figured out?
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    I picked up a maverick 732 thermometer and had a question on the install. I have an Old Country Brazos smoker. I'd like to see where others have their probe wires routed on their offsets. I don't want to run it through the door and risk damaging the wires. Does anyone have any pictures of where they drilled a hole to run their wires? I was thinking about drilling a small hoke just above grate level on the side with the exhaust stack. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think I have read somewhere here that they wrap some foil loosely around the wires for protection.

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  12. I agree... or you'll fry them.
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    Thanks for reply. Had anyone drilled a hole for more permanent option?
  14. Purchased my dual probe ET 732 and plan on using it this weekend for smoking some Pork Butts.  I've read these directions inside and out, called the Customer Service number and cannot get the COUNT UP feature to work... Probably got a dud with the luck I have been having... Cleaned the MES 40 window so I was burning off the alcohol I used and it seems as if it is reading very high in inside temp.  I suspended it from the middle top rack with the clip and also moved it to the middle to see if that changed.  My trusty stove thermometer is working fine and reflecting close to what the MES temp is saying but this Maverick is showing really high temps.  I calibrated the meat probe part in a pot of boiling water and it read 212* which is correct. 

    Any one have any suggestions besides returning it soon ?


  15. s2k9k

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    Tony, did you check both probes in boiling water?
  16. No I didn't calibrate both probes... I will let it cool and try that..... but it seems to be reading 15-20* more than it should... I set the MES at 225* and it's reading 251*.  I pulled the chip loader out and then tried it still reading high them put it all the way in as well still reading high....
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    The therm on the MES is notorious for being inaccurate, I would check the Mav in boiling water and if it's 212* I would go by it and not the MES.
  18. Right, I read about the MES being way off... I have my own small thermometer for the smoker, oven etc that i put in there to see how that was reading because I know it's dead on... I am boiling some water now and will try BOTH probes in the water.  I'm unsure why they would both read way off.... One is NOT in any food yet so I could understand that but the other is suspended with the Maverick custom clip that comes with it and is reading very high..... If they calibrate in boiling water then I'm unsure if the smoker is just reading that high which would then tell me I have to keep the smoker temp lower than what I want it to be for pork butts which was going to be around 225-235 degrees because I'll have 4 of them in there spread out.

  19. Ok.... BOTH food and thermometer probe calibrated in a pot of rolling boiling water at 212* as we would expect.  I'm in NC so I don't think any elevations issue apply here.  What shall I try now ?

    Thank you for the help...

  20. s2k9k

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    Go by the Mav since you know it's correct. Ignore the temp reading on the MES.

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