How did you come up with your screen name?

Discussion in 'Messages for All Guests and Members' started by deer meat, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. captaingreg

    captaingreg Newbie a captain and my name is greg....thus captaingreg
  2. esqchef

    esqchef Newbie

    Combines my profession (attorney) and my passion (cooking).  Thus esqchef
  3. markusm

    markusm Fire Starter

    No creativity here... My name's Mark and although we american's love to abbreviate/shorten names (bill, bob, jan, jen, shelly (michelle) etc, etc, etc....) I guess when your name is only one syllable it must be lengthened, so people seem to prefer calling me Markus. M is last initial, because like I said we love to abbreviate. Plus you internet people are creepy so I don't wan't you know my last name. [​IMG]
  4. Oh, thought it was Muskram spelled backwards!
  5. markusm

    markusm Fire Starter

    That's the dyslexic spelling of my name. 
  6. Tequila and I go waaaayyyyyyy back in time. We have had great times and some forgotten memories. I enjoy sipping moonshine tequila and watching burning logs turn to ash.
  7. papap

    papap Smoke Blower

    Grand kids. My nickname is Poncho. Their other grandfather is John. So it was suppose to be Papa John and Papa P. Ended up being poppy.
  8. markusm

    markusm Fire Starter

    Tequila and I go back pretty far as well. I had to greatly reduce my consumption though as I developed an allergy to it that caused me to break out in dumb assiness.
  9. Hey Marksum been there and done that!!!  But I think that is what keeps calling me back. [​IMG]  
  10. domapoi

    domapoi Smoke Blower

    Hey!!!!! I resemble that remark!!
  11. Donnieonfire...first name is Donnie, I am a retired volunteer firefighter so about the only fire I play with now is heating my pellet smoker.
  12. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Have a Buddy with a similar problem, but he used to break out in "Stripes".

  13. I fly a Zenair CH-801 STOL plane, so came up with 801Driver.
  14. markusm

    markusm Fire Starter

    lol... I've had tequila induced stripes a couple of times. 
  15. aland

    aland Fire Starter

    I always did real good til my buddy Jose decided to give his opinion on things. Guess that's why they call it " Takillya!"
  16. IM a big ledzeppelin fan! so i tried for led head but it was taken so due to the way the band spells led i thought it would be cool to do the same with head or hed.
  17. willy46

    willy46 Newbie

    Nickname & birth year
  18. wagc

    wagc Newbie

    I just joined and this is my first post but my screen name is an acronym. WAGC means Women Against Gun Control.

    I will post later as I just made an indirect heat smoker and need some professional advice :)
  19. manzwood

    manzwood Fire Starter


    Actually I didn't come up with my screen name it was given to me by a close friend who (playfully) badgered me into joining SMF.

    See, I had been tinkering with smoking meat and had some short (bucked-up) very dry rounds of Manzanita but couldn't find any information weather it was good for smoking or not other than comments like "well I heard it's ok" or a buddie of mine said it's good".

    So I decided to split and chop it into chips and give it a try. The results were amazing on both Beef and Pork.

    My Wife told my friend about my smoking antics and between them they convinced me to share the love of smoking great eats here.

    I am here to tell all that Manzanita is an outstanding wood for smoking.

    Anyway my friend hung "Manzwood" on me and it stuck like bugs to a windshield.
  20. radio

    radio Smoking Fanatic

    Hiya Dave. Glad to see you finally posting your smoking adventures and experiments with Manzanita.

    I hadn't posted to this thread yet regarding screen name, so will kill two birds with one stone here.

    I am active on Ham Radio, so hence the "Radio" or "Radioactive" on some other forums, but that moniker was taken here, so shortened it to just plain 'ol Radio

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