How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. BSImages is really obvious isn't it?  

    My name is Bill Schober and I enjoy creating graphics (Images)...

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  2. Bear,

    That would be a sight! I'll have to do some research on the aircraft you mentioned. It is probably before my time lol. From one vet to another thank you for your service my friend.
  3. I thought up my screen name because when I found this website I wanted to share with everyone how I'd smoked lobsters. To this day I will not eat lobster any other way than hickory smoked. It adds such a wonderful flavor to the meat and it was the only thing that I wanted to post about so that's how I chose my screen name. :)
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  4. I love bass fishing and hunting whitetail deer, voila MrBassantlers.
  5. My last name is Tarr by marriage and we've been making babies on the farm. Simple as that. ;)
  6. bearcarver

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    And I Thank You also!!

  7. wade

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    I blame my parents for mine...
  8. Well my name is the same name as my BBQ team..I started the team back in 1998 I was born and raised in Missouri and wanted a team name that incorporated the state and love of Q so Show Me Smoke was born from the two.  (For those that do not know Missouri is known as the show me state). 
  9. dr jaws

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    I'm an Oral Surgeon
  10. aland

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    I was always told MO was the "Show Me State", too. I moved to Branson in '85 to play music shows and found out that it was a lie. I wasn't up there 2 weeks, showed a woman and she slapped the fire outta me!
  11. My wife and I were at the marina where we keep our boat and another boating friend saw me and said “Hi Captain” and my reply was “Hi Skipper” and I just took the name of Cptn_Jon as my e-mail handle.   

  12. Ah, Ukiah. Been there. Wish I could retire of my favorite Doobie Bros songs....
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    N I C E ......................
  14. sabato domenica

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    This might be a good avatar, Doc:

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  15. ElkmanMark,

    I live in Happyjack AZ. heart of elk country. I have a guide lic and guide hunters on there hunts. The locals get asked by hunters where the elk are.They answer call elkmanmark he will help you.So if anyone is hunting elk in az and need some help let me know.
  16. my dad and brother got drawn again for elk, in williams again. where the heck is happyjack? lol. no elk for me since im in OKC.
  17. others, my "handle" is where n what. Fr the Midwest and we are multiple smokers in our family: MidwestSmokers......... Make it easy my friend.....
  18. Happy Jack is north of payson about 50 miles and south of Winslow about 50 miles on highway 87. These 2 city's are where we go to shop.There are about 60 full time resident's where I am.7000 ft elevation
  19. My Screen Name is a car that I drive....1930 Model A Ford Town Sedan.
  20. sabato domenica

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    Nice. Original drivetrain?  

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