How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. i was in line to see the circus and was dressed with a flannel shirt blue jeans and suspenders. a little fellow was looking me over and finally asked if i was grizzly adams i told him no. Well he kept watching me and he asked again and I told him I wasent. as the line moved he turned to his mom and said that is Grizzly Adams but he will not admit it. have been Griz every sence
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  2. Next to spending time with my wife and daughter, I love to spend time under water scuba diving. I got into it a few years back and been loving it since. Love2dive became my screen name.
  3. I haven't been diving in years - miss it! I need to seriously get back into shape first before trying again though ...
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    DeerMeat, my last name is so long so I cut it to Parge and being a guy hence Pargeman. I use it in all I do so I don't forget username. Ha
  6. My nickname starts with B & I love to smoke so I became Smoking B  [​IMG]
  7. This is a very interesting thread, very good Idea DEER MEAT!!! I have a side project/company called DFY Motorsports, (Done For You) I got into smoking meat about 2 years ago and I learn something new every time I light the smoker and when I go on this site, It's great! I'm also in the process of building a reverse flow smoker and I have been asking questions about the building process and everyone here is very, very helpful!!! I will try and figure out how to post pictures on soon of the what we have been calling the "smoke truck".

    Thanks Russ
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    Mike is my name was born in 1965.  Mike65
  9. just the family always cal0led me unclechuck and my radio number was 1825 there you have it unclechuck1825  
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    Well, I have a lot of hobbies, but one in particular gave me a screen name that's usually available and therefore the one I stick with.

    One of my hobbies is drumming and percussion, and a drummer is often called a "tub thumper".  I like Tama brand drums, so "tamathumper" seemed like a good way to combine the two.

    Of course, I sometimes question the wisdom of using the same name everywhere,... [​IMG]

    (p.s. Now I've gone and dated myself - can anyone puzzle out how?)
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    Well, it's a little involved, but not that much.

    Back as a freshman in high school, low these many years ago, I was into Dungeons and Dragons. I was president, in fact, of our high school gaming club, at the time.

    Well, as it happened... wait, I need to explain for those of you will not understand this.

    In D&D, as it's called, you "roll up" characters. You roll a six-sided die (yes, there are more sided dice out there) to determine the "attributes" of your character. Which, in turn, determines the powers and skills of that character, in the game.

    Well, I was, probably, a freshman in high school at the time. And I was sitting at my grandparent's kitchen table, rolling up a character for D&D. And, completely by chance, I rolled up a perfect wizard-mage. Which will mean nothing to those of you who never played, but... this was an honestly _very strong_ player in the game.

    I knew I had honestly and truthfully rolled up a superb character to play. I needed a name.

    And I looked over, to my right... and saw a box of Cheezits... yes, the snack cracker... that my grandpa so liked, on the kitchen counter.

    Well, with a bit of fiddling with the name, that character became "Chizotz". And I took him to 38th level. Before I eventually... grew out of the game, for lack of a better term, and, basically, gave him, and the game, up and moved on.

    But online, I am, from the beginning, Chizotz. My very first account, on Q-Link (if anyone can remember that, besides me) I was Chizotz. And I am, to this day.

    I have had my name usurped a few times. A notable occasion ended up, unfortunately, with my "Chizotz" moniker posting porn... a lot of porn, unfortunately, before I could stop it... to various places, mostly usenet. That wasn't me, it was an identity thief. But if you search for it, you might still find it. Even though that was 10 years or more ago.

    I got my name usurped because I was extremely active on the net, between 20+ and about 10 years ago, and I was a ripe target at the time. It isn't surprising that happened, in retrospect.

    I was also into gaming, and actually wrote an online book, the "Unofficial WAD Designers' Handbook", on how to create your own Doom and Doom ][ levels. Maybe a few of you do remember that, if you were ever into gaming. Yep, that was me. I am, indeed, that Ron Allen/Chizotz.

    I was very active on online forums, and usenet, and even had my own Windows help-desk site for awhile.

    But my online activity has since been severely curtailed, about 10 years ago, by my own desire. These days I'm perfectly happy to just be the father of a 6, soon to be 7, year old, and have left all that behind me years ago, and don't miss it much.

    Now I just haunt places that catch my fancy... such as smoking meats :)

    So... there's your answer about how my screen name came about. You have an internet oldster in your midst, trying to learn how to smoke meat :)
  12. Chizotz:  "I was also into gaming, and actually wrote an online book, the "Unofficial WAD Designers' Handbook"

    Wow, I do remember that...a great resource!  Welcome aboard!!
  13. Mine is pretty straightforward... just reflect my personal obsession with all types of meat!

    John Candy in The Great Outdoors eating the Ol' 96'er is my hero, Not really, but I love that scene ;-)
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    Well, mine is simple.  I'm a firearms enthusiast and a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
  15. Well, as an Air Force Vietnam Vet, I let my legacy follow me. When you refuel other aircraft from an unarmed KC-135 over the Gulf of Tonkin, what else can you be but Migbait.
  16. I'm a sailing nut! When I used to race my favorite part was flying the chute (spinnaker). Been Spinnaker ever since...
  17. I live in Mexia and I'm a Cop, pretty simple
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    Ok, longer story than it should be. My first name is Dave. I'm an older parent, but not too old, 58 and have a 16 and a 20 year old when most of my friends have grown kids and grand kids. Anyway, they are always giving me the business about how out of touch I am, which is basically true-they keep you young, right? Not sure that's what it is. I'm always telling them that I'm hip to all the current stuff, which ain't true. Anyway, one day the kids and I were in Game Stop getting yet another video thing for the 16 yr old boy. Actually it was a couple of years ago so he was 13 or 14 (and I was much younger). We were checking out and the very young clerk asked if we had a membership card. My boy said, nope, sorry. I remembered that I had one from buying him so much stuff there, so I said, yes, I have one. This young clerk kid just stopped and said "Sweeeeeet". My son and daughter looked at me in amazement, and right then it hit me. I said, "that's me, I'm Sweet Daddy D". And it's been that ever since.
  19. That is awesome.  I'm a supporter of the 2nd Amendment as well. 
  20. There are lots of great wreck sites in NC.  You should get back into it so you can enjoy all those wondrous sites.

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