Here is my Merry Christmas from the Wife Unit

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ewetho, Dec 3, 2011.

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  2. If 250 really is 212 then it should read around 265 to actually be 225. Have you bought a new thermometer yet? Should be able to afford it since you got such a killer deal on the smoker. [​IMG]
  3. That is what I was thinking. Case felt warm but not hot and not insulated (was cold on the porch <40F). But when I opened the door was like opening the oven with SMOKE!!!!  MMMmmmm Smoke smelled good!

    Will have to retrofit a known good Thermometer that goes into the case more and see where we are as well as get a good extension cord. Stuff for the weekend.
  4. Wife just gave permission to start experimenting on the SMOKER!!!

    Looks like some chicken tonight for first attempt.

    Also gonna have some new thermometers to see what is going on inside.
  5. michael ark

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    Let the fun begin .[​IMG]Welcome to the obsession.What are you doing with the chicken[​IMG]?
  6. Was thinking Mesquite and maybe some JD Old No. 7 for chips and probably just flake out with some Famous Dave's Chicken Rub.

    Open to suggestions.......... You see the wood choices in earlier post in this thread.
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    Now thats a nice wife there. If you think about it it is all good for now think about the great food that will come out of that thing.
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    Old no.7 is great .Never had famous daves.For whole chickens i do this and marinade or inject.

    Rendezveous style

    4cup cider viniger

    4cup water

    1/3 cup of their rub which is

    1/2 cupsalt

    1/4 cup pepper

    1tbsp garlic powder

    1tbsp oregano

    1tbsp paprika

    1tbsp chilli powder

    1tbsp celery seed

    simmer on stove at least 10 min Warning this will take your breath away.
  9. I promise to try a bag soon.
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    Dude you're all set.

    Have Fun
  11. That sounds interesting.......    Will have to try it.
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    This will give you a good rub left over for ribs. All though the same recipe goes world wide.
  13. So far temps are holding around 220 with the water bath going. Before the Water bath it warmed up to 250 on a oven thermometer the door one is way off. The shell stays cooler but about 1" in and warms up. So been smoking on Mesquite and JD Old No. 7 for about 2.5 hours so far and getting about 140 or so. 

    Wife got me some Skinless/Boneless chicken thighs to practice with.

    How 'bout some trial QView

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  14. Well the Chicken was as expected a little dry and over spiced. Used Emeril's rub as I am apparently out of the Famous Dave

    s rub I was intending to use. Oh well. But smoke flavor was good. Temps got up to 250 on the new thermometer. 

    I did not get a  chance to try brining or any of that so it was nice to see the unit above 200. The Door thermometer was still at 200 which is weird. I think it just heat lose from the noninsulated unit. Weird.

    Thinking simple bacon wrap probably would have been good too. 
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    Sounds like you overcooked the chicken. It's pretty hard to dry out thighs.

    You need to get a thermometer to monitor the food temps with.

    I would suggest a Maverick 732, that way you can monitor the smoker temp & the meat temp with 1 thermometer.
  16. Kind of what I was thinking but it was still a bit cool temp got to 155 when I pulled. Other issue is probing it during cooking letting juice out. But all is well guys at work really like it even COLD!!!
  17. steamaway

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    That famous Daves chicken rub is the best thing for chicken. I think. Always get rave reviews on my chicken. 
  18. raptor700

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      Like AL said, [​IMG]    . A good set of thermos are invaluable to a smoker.

  19. Well guys after seasoning and first smoke under my belt I attempted a pair of fatties today only to have my unit fail. Light on NO HEAT!!!  Lights flickered about two hours into use. 

    Second smoke and unit DOWN!!!   

  20. jckdanls 07

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    DAMNNNN... sorry to hear that.. that's why I do charcoal... only problem I will have is if the charcoals wet and won't light... just buy a new bag..

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