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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by arron, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. My name is Arron, I just signed up last night so i could find some good info for smokin some wings. I just finished them about an hour ago and they were awesome. I'm 22, in the Air Force and just got my first smoker in March. I have smoked a Boston Butt, spare ribs and now some wings on it, so I'm still learning, but i think I"m a natural. I have been very pleased with everything I've smoked so far. As far as equipment goes i have a Brinkman Gourmet charcoal smoker and it has been great. I'm very open to suggestions so if anyone has some must know tips for newbies let 'em fly. oh, and thanks for all the help so far, everyone on here seems to be pretty darn good at smokin!
  2. werdwolf

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    Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  3. bigsteve

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  4. smokestars

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    Welcome Aaron...
    Sounds like a plan.....

  5. smokestars

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    Big Steve!

    Thanks for that link.... so many great posts on this forum!!

  6. cruizer

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    Welcome! You will find tons of info here> [​IMG]
  7. Thanks Big Steve for the link, i have been looking for mods for my smoker and all i could find were ones for the older model. I will definitely be dong a couple of those mods soon.
  8. goodwyne

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    Glad you joined the forum Arron. I knew you'd like it!
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    Welcome aboard Arron.....nice ta have ya here!
  10. Welcome to the board!!!!! Lots od great people and resources here.[​IMG]
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    Hello Arron, and welcome to the best smoking site on Mother Earth, SMF that is. Looks like you're in for some fun this coming summer. It's all good my friend.
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    Hello Arron and welcome to the SMF family. Glad you joined us. You'll like it here, lots of great people with friendly advice to share just for the askin'. Good luck and smoke on![​IMG]
  13. fire it up

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    Welcome Arron! Sounds like you are doing pretty good with the smoke, and it can only get better.
    What kind of wood are you smokin with down there in SC?
  14. pineywoods

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    Arron welcome to SMF glad you joined us. I'd also like to thank you for your service to our country. You'll find lots of good info here and some great recipes as well. Have fun and happy smoking
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    Welcome to the SMF[​IMG] and how lucky can you be to live around so much FRESH seafood[​IMG] I'd be doin' Crab,Shrimps,Oysters, different kinds of fish and doin the munchie thing with that smoker[​IMG]
    Wish I had a cheap supplier for some FRESH seafood.[​IMG] Have to get the Frozen Tozen stuff here in OHiYA(YUK)[​IMG] I use to live in Cen-Tex and 2 hrs. from the coast,plus I knew a couple of buddies with shrimp boats...
    talk about good eatin'[​IMG] Man I miss that.OH, sorry , got caught up in self pitty[​IMG]
    Have fun and
  16. rivet

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    Welcome aboard Arron, nice to have you join the group!
  17. I've only used hickory so far but i want to try some others soon.
  18. irishteabear

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    Welcome to SMF, Aaron. Glad you joined us. Thank you for your service. [​IMG]
  19. azrocker

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    Welcome to the forum [​IMG]
  20. smokebuzz

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    Welcome Arron, glad ya made it here.

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