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  1. Here is the before shot (6.15lb bone-in pork shoulder @ $1.49/lb):

    My dry rub:

    - brown sugar

    - onion powder

    - garlic powder

    - smoked paprika

    - roasted ground coriander

    - ground chipotle pepper

    - Himalayan pink salt

    - coarse ground black pepper

    Yesterday, picked up a 25lb bag of seasoned citrus wood (mostly navel orange, large chunks) from a local cooking wood (and firewood) purveyor for $16. Here's their webpage: ( Really nice folks there. Gave me a large free bag of mesquite chips as well!!

    Was excited to find out that they have an excellent supply of seasoned red oak (logs and chunks), so a Santa Maria-style tri-tip will be up next!!

    Here's my fuel stock for tomorrow:

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  2. jwg299

    jwg299 Smoke Blower

    My grill got delivered today I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy! [​IMG]

    Now I'm going to HD to get a few items so I can complete some of the mods. I'll post picks when I'm done.
  3. smokin nw

    smokin nw Smoke Blower

    Take your time, and if it looks like it needs high temp seal, seal it.
  4. smokin nw

    smokin nw Smoke Blower

    Ok I know this is not for everybody, but most of the time I smoke for the wife and myself,

    so I made a double duty for my BTML.

    I took the propane burner off my vertical smoker and attached it to the ash drawer.

    I bought another drawer from Brinkmann.

    So now I can do both, propane when I am lazy and charcoal when I have guests.

    I got to tell you, it holds at 225 all day long.

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  5. Well, the pulled pork came out awesome. Got it on at 1015 @ 54F IT, foiled it in an aluminum pan @ 180F at 1400, and it reached an IT of 201F at 1645.

    Smoke was perfect, and it was as tender as I've ever had it. I had some Carolina style BBQ sauce available for those that wanted it, but frankly, it was better without it! Here it is just before being pulled (after my wife and I started picking at it!!):

    In total, I used a 1/2 bag of Kingsford Blue in the minion basket, and a 1/2 of the bag of citrus wood chunks between the basket and the cook chamber inlet. The citrus wood was a great source of clean heat. No problems with draft at all.

    I had such a good, hot fire that the Rutland Black on the FB couldn't take it! A big section of it burned right off! No matter, it was still sealed enough and I had such good fuel that temps weren't an issue.

    All in all, very happy with the results.
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  6. smokin nw

    smokin nw Smoke Blower

    So the legs on the charcoal grate raising it helped a lot with your temps.

    I'll have to try that.
  7. A primary benefit is a lot more airflow under the coal base. A secondary benefit is longer, more stable burn times due to keeping the active coals up out of the ash bed. The result of both is better combustion -- and higher temps.

    I'd have to say that the major change was better fuel. The citrus chunks burned nice, clean and fierce. Frankly, I just periodically sprinkled unlit briquets to the basket mainly to keep the "heat-sink" going so as to start my wood chunks (which were outside the basket) burning.
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  8. smokin nw

    smokin nw Smoke Blower

    You are right about using good fuel, which I can't seem to find around here.

    Had a good place in my state, but have closed down.

    They price of shipping these days has kept me from ordering on line.
  9. Thanks for the pics guys. It all looks good. What kind of flavor does the orange wood impart?

    I've got an idea for a mod that I don't recall seeing on this thread, but perhaps someone has done it and can give me some pointers. I'm going to make a door on the side of the firebox for the purpose of adding wood chunks with a minimum loss of heat. Any thoughts? (And yes, I have measured it out and there is clearance with the basket)
  10. I wasn't chasing too much smoke flavor as I had bitterness issues last time. I had a nice custom rub on there and knew I was going to take it low and slow. The citrus wood mainly provided nice clean heat. Any smoke it added was very neutral. The Kingsford Blue + the citrus wood chunk was the 'winner winner' this dinner!

    If I was going to add anything to my FB it would be an additional vent, in the top half of the chamber (above the existing intake vent).
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  11. jwg299

    jwg299 Smoke Blower

    Got a question..

    Where did you guys get that hi-temp sealer?

    all I can find is a 3M brand that's rated for 500 degrees.

    I would think I need something rated higher for the firebox.

    Suggestions please!
  12. I got a tube of the Rutland Black RTV on Amazon, but the firebox destroyed it around the top of the door opening!! LOL!! I think my discovery of proper fuel use, which gave me the temps I was looking for, creates firebox top surface temps well in excess of 700-800 degrees, so, to completely seal the door, I would have to find some other material to do it.

    Frankly, I had no problem with heat generation, and the RTV in the gap between the two halves is holding up, so I think I will just leave it alone.
  13. smokin nw

    smokin nw Smoke Blower

    Mine is the same way, after two smokes the seal on the firebox door was toast.

    Any fire place store should carry the Rutland Black,.

    I would like to find some of the flat style gasket instead of the rope kind, for the firebox.
  14. ps0303

    ps0303 Meat Mopper

    Go to Amazon and look up the Green Egg gasket.  You will find what you are looking for.
  15. texaninmd

    texaninmd Newbie

    Did my second smoke yesterday, after making the new mods remmy posted. Got a lot better fuel efficiency after raising the grate.

    Used mesquite for the first half of the smoke since that's when you get the most smoke absorption and then used a mixture of oak and pecan the rest of the way.
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  16. smokin nw

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    Nice smoke ring, looks good enough to eat  [​IMG]

    I did a sausage fattie this morning with the piece of brisket that is just about ready to come off the smoker, Qview to come.
  17. smokin nw

    smokin nw Smoke Blower

    Alrighty, full plate, race is about to start, all I can say is SWEET !!!!!!!    [​IMG]

  18. bobank03

    bobank03 Smoking Fanatic

    And what a race it was. Almost thought they wouldn't get it done. Your Q looks like it came out good, Smokin NW. 
  19. Finally finished my sons TMLE, we gave it an initial seasoning burn and turned it over to him. His first smoke was three racks of baby backs and a chicken. The torch has been passed.


  20. I also have one of  these smokers, and I have the same problems.  What I did was buy some Hi-Temp (100% RTV ) Silicone Caulk, USDA Approved, and went around the insides of all the doors with the caulk.  After I did that I put some regular wax paper over the caulk and closed the doors to get the right seal.  I open the doors removed the paper and let cure.  Works great, no leaks, and smokes great hold a temp fine. 


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