Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by realtorterry, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. mark420

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    its look ok but not so good.
  2. rob8213

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    Hey Smokin NW.....What is the reason for the baffle at the firebox end?   What does it really do?  I have all the other mod's done...but no baffle and it seems to run good enough for me.

    Does it just stop meat close tto the firebox from getting to cooked / browned faster?   thanks!
  3. piaconis

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    The baffle deflects radiant heat.  Without it, stuff on the firebox side gets cooked by both the convection energy and radiant energy.  Think of it like standing in direct sunlight versus standing in the shade.  The air temperature may be the same, but getting blasted by intense radiant heat will make it hotter.
  4. smokin nw

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    Great explanation piaconis ! I have seen pictures on here where the meat on the firebox end is black, but ok on

    the stack end, so I just put the baffle in at the start.
  5. I've been shopping horizontal offsets for a few weeks now. The local Academy Sport+Outdoors stocks some solid, heavy gauge offsets by Old Country, but the craftsmanship is lacking: substandard welds, poor handle design (some were broken) and huge gaps in the fit.

    I saw this one on the HomeDepot website and was impressed by how many positive reviews it had received. Then I read all the posts in this forum and knew I had a winner. And the price is right for a starter offset. I am eager to unpack it and try it out with the suggested mods. 

    I would have started already, but I'm waiting on a buddy to come over and help me take it off the truck...heavy sucker. [​IMG]
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  6. hambone1950

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    weber smoky 300 bucks youll ever spend.  [​IMG]
  7. Congratulations wolfnutz! Looking forward to the pics. .
  8. Quick question on the mods for the BTLE. All assembled and now onto the mods. I have already sealed the firebox with RTV and am ready to do the lids of the firebox and cooking chamber. I haven't seen any directions how to apply the RTV. I know I apply it to the base and not the lid, but am I supposed to let it cure for a period or close the lid while its tacky to give it a good seal? I will check back later before I do it as I'm going out to the store for spring clamps and fire bricks.....Thanks everyone!!
  9. people have suggested applying the silicone to the smoker base/not the lid and then set plastic wrap or wax paper over the silicone and shut the lid. Once the silicone cures the plastic wrap/wax paper will peel off.
  10. turfguy

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    Just as an aside, I was in my local BJ's Saturday and they has the Brinkman TBLE for $279.00; $20.00 cheaper than Home Depot.
  11. smokin nw

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    When I did the lid on mine, I sealed the base, then put wax paper strips over it and closed the lid for about five minutes.

    Then opened it back up, that way it did not squeeze out too much and it made a real good seal.

    I used wax paper strips so it would not make wrinkles in the seal.
  12. dabeve

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    Filled it up with Salmon this past weekend!

    Sooooo Good!
  13. Looks tasty. How much did you have to move them around?
  14. texaninmd

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    Does anyone know what size, and have a recommendation for a water pan for this smoker?  Thanks.
  15. dabeve

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    Not at all. Just slid them back away from the heat after a few hours.
  16. nailit

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    I use a 9" bread pan that I bought at our local Safeway.
  17. The Rutland sealant came in yesterday. Spent most of today (off and on) putting this beast together. A second pair of hands would be useful at times, the screw hole alignment can be frustrating, and I was missing several nuts (never a good thing). The dryer vent fit went well, perhaps the highlight of my day. The plan is to 'cure' it tomorrow morning, then try some ribs. I have 3 butts in a brine scheduled for Sunday.

    Thanks again for the great ideas.

  18. dabeve

    dabeve Fire Starter

    Wow. Nice job with the vent. Very clean. Ribs and shoulders nice way to break it in!
  19. smokin nw

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    Baby back and a piece o pork, and it all worked real good.

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