Bhut Jolokia aka Ghost Chile

Discussion in 'Peppers' started by harleyguy, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. harleyguy

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    I just pulled my first four Bhut's from the garden. My question is, what can a person do with them?I just grew them to see if anyone would try one. Quite frankly, I am scared to even try em. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Here is a pic of them.[​IMG]
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    First and foremost get some food grade rubber gloves. Then slice them open and scrape the seeds out. From there I would probably start with either just one or half of one, dice it up nice and fine. Make a up a batch of pico de gallo and add it in then taste to get an idea of how hot it is. Or just add little bits to whatever dishes you like heat in. Important thing is to get an idea of just how hot they are so you can incorporate them into your dishes without killing the other flavors in the dish, or your company!

    I can't believe our resident pepper heads havn't chimed in on this one yet. Where you at Rich?
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  3. You can dry them and grind real fine great for instant heat
  4. Exciting!  Mine are still growing.  They got in to the ground kind of late, so I am hoping that I get something off of them.  Not sure if they will even amount to much in a Wisconsin climate....kind of a short growing season.

    Anyway,  I plan on sampling a small piece to see how hot they are.  Then I will make a batch of salsa and throw one in.  I will can them in small batches and use it as a novelty salsa for when I get some daring people over at my house.  The rest of them I will seed, combine with some viniger, blend until smooth, sample, dilute if needed, and put it in shakers for use as a hot sauce that can then be used in salsa, hot wings, eggs, chili, and what ever else I want to hurt myself with.

    A guy I work with says that pain is not a flavor.  I am hoping that there is some kind of flavor that I can distiguish thru the pain. 
  5. Part of me is dieing to try those peppers, part of me is scared of ever trying those peppers, let me know how it goes...
  6. eman

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     Chiliheads are some great folks but these things Can make you lose your mind and all your taste buds.
  7. bbqnuts

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  8. I witnessed a ( dumb ) friend of mine eat a dried one whole. Was'nt a pretty site. He was incapasatated for a half hour. Couldnt even breath without pain. Tears ran from his face as sweat poured off his head. All he had to show for it was a debt of $70 was erased in the means of entertainment.

    On the positive side he said the morning after %$#&, he said wasnt as bad as he expected.

    I powdered mine with a mortor and pestle ( spelling ) and used a tip of a sharp knife to add some heat to 4 qts of soup once and it was nice light heat but everyone was getting beads of sweat on the brow. But it's like they say heat but no interesting flavor. 
  9. meateater

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    Now that I'm a semi old fart Id just dry them and grind them and add to whatever. I've done the bite a habanero thing and lived. Bite a jolokai, i dont think so ! I love hot stuff but not suicide peppers these days.
  10. squirrel

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    OMG those are beautiful peppers! Man, I would love to have a few of those seeds for next years planting! I would dry them and then turn them in to a powder, easier to manage in my opinion.
  11. beer-b-q

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    Most Resident Chili Heads are "WAY TOO SMART TO TRY THEM"...[​IMG]

    The old saying "NO PAIN NO GAIN" does not apply here...
  12. harleyguy

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    That could probably be arranged.Let me know if you want some of the seeds. I am going to cut em open , take the seeds out & dry the peppers for grinding.
  13. harleyguy

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    I agree with ya Beer. If I try them at all , it will be after I grind em into powder, minus the seeds. That way I can control the amount. I WILL admit that I am scared of em. Have you seen any of the videos on youtube of people eatin em? If not, you gotta check em out. They are definately worth a good laugh.
  14. beer-b-q

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    I watched that idiot on Man vs Food,  That was a good enough example for me...

    I love hot peppers but there comes a point where you have to draw the line... 

    I too would like to try drying some and grinding into powder like you said, that way you are in control of the heat...
  15.  I have 7 Bhut Jolokia plants and one Red Savina and one Omnicolor. I use the Bhuts in everything, but an extremely fine dice is required. Fod grade rubber gloves are also a must. I have had my hands burn for three days after making a batch of my famoue chili with 7 diff beans, 7 diff chili's. Tim
  16. Anyone who wants seeds for next year, please LMK. I will send them out at the end of September.
  17. meateater

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    Pm sent.
  18. Hoyoguy

    Will send pm
  19. ak1

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    Sent PM.
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    if yer brave just snip the tip off of one, about 1/8" and GENTLY smell the inside to get a flavor profile. then nibble the piece to see just how hot it is.......the tips of peppers have the least amount of heat.

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