Advice on reheating pulled pork.

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  1. Well.. It was a hit!! My buddy at work did the same thing and we fed about about 60 heads!! I foiled and started at 240 deg and worked my way up to 350 over and hours time. I didn't have all the goodies for JJs finishing sauce so I used Soflaquer's recipe.. Really banged it outta the park with that one! That said though when I get a bit more prep time I'm going to try JJs! It really sounds amazing! Can't imagine how it tastes!!

    Anyway just want to say thanks for helping a brother out!!

    Happy smoking,

  2. travisty

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    Nice! did you snap any pictures?
  3. You know it!! Topped it all off with a drizzle of some good ol fashion Kentucky bourbon BBQ sauce! Man I love this stuff.


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    All I can Say is



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  5. Thanks man!!  
  6. hoity toit

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    everyone is steering you in the right direction.
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    Trust me, surfer, all northers aren't like that, but most think of Bar-B-Que as being sauced. I feel your pain, though. I recently made some Boudin for the first time and was so proud of it, I gave some to a co-worker. He called me a couple days later to tell me they made spaghetti with it and it was great!:th_crybaby2:
  8. lovelife

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    Great thread and thanks to everyones input.

    I have a question, when I reheat PP in either water or a throw away aluminum pan in the oven, how do I measure the meat temp. when it's already pulled? 
  9. travisty

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    Just stick your therm in the middle of the pork in a few places to get a good idea. It also may be safe and easy enough to just go with a timed sort of reheat.
  10. lovelife

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    Thanks for the reply.

    How about the sealed bags in the simmering water? :)
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    I have reheated pulled pork on my Blackstone griddle. Just mix some of the juice from the cook with the pulled pork and reheat on the BS = fast and easy.
  13. smokeymose

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    It's already cooked, right? Why worry about the temp? Heat it to where you like to eat it...
  14. lovelife

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    Thanks for your reply.

    The temp is relevant because after a certain temp you're drying out the meat :)
  15. LMAO! Figures right!
  16. smokeymose

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    Sorry, I somehow missed re-heating in the oven. I always nuke to warm. You're right, it could dry out a little.
  17. endo129

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    What is that temp? What does one want to shoot for when reheating in oven?
  18. lovelife

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    140F is necessary so that bacteria don't have a chance to grow. Lot of people shoot for 165F because you never consume it right that second. But you could adjust it depending on if you have to take the food someplace or if you eat it at home with your family etc. But def heat it to above 140F
  19. endo129

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    And what's a ball park on time people find for say a pulled 6 lb butt? 250 for 2 hours? 350 for one?

  20. cliffcarter

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    Covered in a foiled pan with or without sauce(I would sauce because it will get a bit dry) for 45-60 minutes at 300°. Check at 30 minutes and then at 15 minute intervals.
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