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Discussion in 'ABT's' started by smokinstevo27, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Stevo - After reviewing the evidence, i can see why you are interested in keeping your female diners happy.  Good luck to you my friend.
  2. pokey

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    Seems like a keeper to me! As long as she's not sayin' YOU can't eat 'em.

    BTW How long are you smoking them and at what temp? I've founf my deveined and de-membraned jalapenos to be too tame after 2 hours at 250. I had to leave some seeds and membrane in to get a little kick.
  3. roklimo

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    Use banana peppers, and chop the jalapenos up  and add to the stuffing.  Then you have complete control of the heat whil keeping the great pepper flavor.
  4. northern greenhorn

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    Yeah, I wouldn't take Chefrobs advice on getting new girls. My wife doesn't care for hot peppers herself, so when I make abt's, I make some using banana peppers for her, I make pickles from time to time, and I'm thinking of using a pickling cucumber in place of a jalapeno, and see how that works, Iet you all know.
  5. ttosmoker

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    The idea of using banana peppers is good, but can be generalized to other types of peppers.  I love the taste of smoked poblanos and Anaheims myself.  Some poblano ABTs will pick up a smidgen of heat, but nothing like some jalapenos do. 

    And if the girls like "normal" jalapeno heat, you can think about putting diced japs into your filling for a poblano or banana-pepper ABT.  In my experience, the japs inside the filling do not get insanely hot like some jap ABTs do.
  6. I was doing a beer can chicken at around 325, the ABTs went for about an 1 1/2 hr
  7. chefrob

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    yea, i hate to break it to ya but you ain't gonna do any better. take whole canned green chilis and use them.
  8. scarbelly

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    Look who is backpeddling now !!

    She is a keeper for sure and just so ya know - no one listens to Rob about this stuff anyway [​IMG]

  9. smokey mo

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    sugar water is a very effective remedy for the capsicum in the pepper.  It does however tend to make the peppers soggy. So here is what I do.  

    For a normal batch try this:

    2 lbs of peppers ( about 24)

    24 oz cream cheese softened

    1 cup peach mango salsa ( Costco)

    1/4cup powdered sugar (or to taste)

    thick cut bacon (I like apple smoked)

    smoked for 1.5-2.0 at 250-300. 

    Slice the side and rib and seed them.  Then mix peach mango salsa and cream cheese till it is blended.  Then the trick...add about a 1/4 cup of powdered sugar to the mix and stuff,  doesn't kill the heat but tempers it enough that tums poppers are not needed as much afterwards.

    good luck.  We sell these for $18/dzn.

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  10. chefrob

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    no one listens to me about ANY stuff..................
  11. after you clean the peppers try soaking them in diet sprite / diet 7 up or regular sprite/7 up for about 1/2 hr.  i've had very good luck with this to still keep some heat, but, not scare away the wimmin [​IMG]
  12. Are you sayin Im not your type hoss?

  13. chefrob

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    ya know in prison, anything can happen but fer now i'll take the purdy one with blue eyes!
  14. I think if you smoke them longer at a lower temp they will mellow a bit.
  15. Im going to try that this weekend. Im cooking a butt for my moms bday party. The only reason I did it at that temp was because I was doing a chicken and I always do yardbird around 325.

  16. smokey mo

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    I felt so bad for you I made a batch to show you.
  17. Those look killer Mo! Cant wait for the weekend
  18. take it like a man     [​IMG]
  19. Thanks for the morale boost Sgt Butters


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