A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker Review

Discussion in 'Info and Practices' started by j3ff, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Traeger pellets also work well

    Pellets come with the deal my friend!

    Gotta have something to play with!


  2. I Thought i read earlier that Traeger pellets don't work good in this?  If they do, that's great as I have lots of apple on hand.  Any info on "Louisiana Grills" brand pellets?  I have a few bags of apple and hickory of those as well. Just wish I could find pecan pellets locally. My local Traeger dealer says they are discontinued and no one else close sells any other brands of pecan.  Any idea what the BBQ Delight Jack Daniels pellets will do in this thing?  I think they're made out of compressed charcoal or something like that.

    I'm pretty excited that this new smoker will fit on the rails of my MES 30 where the dust burners won't fit!
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    Our Pellet Testing showed some pellets burned better than others.

    Here's how pellets ranked during testing.

         1. 100% Flavor Wood Pellets

         2. Pellets Blended With Oak

         3. Pellets Blended With Alder

    Since your looking to enhance the flavor with smoke, 100% Flavor Wood Pellets are best.  Blended Pellets are pellets that are usually 20%-30% Flavor Wood that is "Blended" with 70%-80% Oak or Alder.  If your bag of pellets says "Flavored" on it, they are most likely "Blended Pellets".  Pellets blended with Oak performed better than those blended with Alder, but that's not to say these pellets won't.  My observation was that Pellets Blended with Oak  burned a little hotter.

    The Traeger Pellets I tested, burned well.  I also tested pellets from Louisiana Grills, and they performed well too.  Some Alder based pellets also performed well in the tests.  BBQ'rs Delight offer 100% Flavor Wood in 1# bags, but also offer Flavored Pellets, that are blended with Oak.

    You'll notice "Flavored Pellets" are usually cheaper than the 100% Flavor Wood Pellets.

    You're not stuck buying pellets from me!  Other pellets will work in the New AMNPS.

    I include 2# of pellets with the purchase of the New AMNPS, to get you going.  This will give you an idea of how the AMNPS should perform.  After that, you can order from me, or get pellets on your own.

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    Adding to what Todd just said:  I get asked to advise on certain pellets locally, periodically.  I run them through a test that we've come up to validate the pellets.  Basically, I use 1/2 of the first row, around the bend into the 2nd row and about  1/2 of the second row.  I get a REAL good start on the pellets, then set it in the smoker I'm going to use it and let 'er go.  1/2 of a row is about 2 hours or so, then the around the corner test is critical then of course into the second row.  If there's a few pellets left at the end, it's not a problem, just not enough combustion at the end to finish off the few left.  If the pellets can pass that test, I'm happy to say, yes these will work just fine. 

    So, if you have questions about a certain pellet, get the smallest quanitity you can, about a cup, and do the test.  If it passes, you know you've got a good one. 

    And to your question about Jack Daniels:  I don't remember them not being satisfactory.  Since I have some on hand, I'll do the test for you and get back to you this afternoon or early evening.

  5. nwdave

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    Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Pellets Test.  For our SMF friends in Moose Jaw.


    Looks just fine.  Passed with smoking Colors, so to speak. 
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    I think Jack Daniels Pellets are charcoal to begin with....Correct?

  7. j3ff

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    The only trager pellets I have are applewood - but I can report they work just fine so far.  I should know more tomorrow evening or Saturday - my 2 pork bellies have been curing for a week. They are about to be smoked :)  I can't wait!!!
  8. nwdave

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  9. Thanks Dave, I really appreciate the test!  I can't wait for the smoker to arrive!  Was shipped today.  I was searching on youtube today and seen a video from smokingpit.com where he smoked a piece of chocolate cake with an original AMNS and he used pellets.  He had 2 rows side by side going and talk about billowing smoke! I was surprised to see the pellets working in an original dust burner though...it was pretty warped, lol. was deff. pre "X" base.
  10. samuel trachet

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    So I am really looking forward to getting my Amazing smoker. How did your smoke turn out J3ff?
  11. hewgag

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    Quick random question regarding the A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker... and I am just thinking out loud here.. Has anyone used a mix of dust AND pellets in it by chance?


    Thx! [​IMG]
  12. Tried it and mixing doesn't work well at all...On shorter hot smokes i like using dust, on longer smokes the pellets are tough to beat. Same goes for cold smoking.

    I use dust when i put water in my pan for a moist smoking environment ...the pellets burn better with a empty water pan and the water doesn't effect the dust as much.
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  13. chefrob

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    same here......i figured the dust would help the pellets burn, it actually did the opposite.
  14. bearcarver

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    The dust probably blocks the air flow between the pellets. Pellets need more air flow to keep burning. Dust gets all it needs from the outside surfaces of the dust row.

    My Opinion,

  15. tjohnson

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    You would think mixing dust would work, but like Rob said, it does not work very well.

    Sawdust creates less heat than pellets, so some guys still use sawdust in their AMNPS for cold smoking.

  16. fire393

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    Todd, I recently bought a pellet burner from ya, and in my frig mod, I like to use it, but Im not getting enough smoke in my food to my liking.  Do you think it would help to use 2 of them?  I already light the one i have on both ends.  thanks.  

  17. It's hard to tell from the pic Fire393 but I can't see you air intake. How large is it? And where is it?
  18. fire393

    fire393 Fire Starter

    to the right of the pellet smoker, 2"x10"  floor register
  19. Todd,

    I really appreciated doing business with you, and believe me it's not the last time. You made me remember what good business and professionalism is all about. I received my smoker and had the opportunity to test it this morning on a pork butt. I started at approximately 3:30 am this morning and it was done at about 1:30pm. Just in time for football!!!!

    I took your advice and preheated my smoker with the pellets inside of the Traeger at 225 degrees. About 10 minutes before putting my pork butt on I lit the pellets and let it smolder until the flame died out and started to smoke. I smelled the sweet smell often referred to with your product. Then I followed your directions and placed the smoker in the rear left of the Traeger.  I've pasted a link to a short video I created of the Pellet smoker in action.

    Again I say thank you for such an AMAZING product.

    Mike H.
  20. tjohnson

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    Hey Mike

    Nice Video!!



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