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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by cashmanq, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. cashmanq

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    Next, I started to play with latches.  I like this but think I will make it a bit longer to also include a lock so my grates stay safe.

  2. cashmanq

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    Next, I added the door to the warmer to let smoke in if needed.

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  3. cashmanq

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    Here is the door stopper I came up with.  I used the 3 inch circle from the warming box top when I cut out the other 2 vents

  4. cashmanq

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    next, just for fun... I drilled/cut out the holes for the thermos.

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  5. cashmanq

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    And now the fun begins... I started to work on the trays.

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  6. cashmanq

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    Here is a better picture of the warmer/ smoke door

  7. cashmanq

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    I am pretty back heavy right now and wanted to put on a kick stand for support.  This is what I came up with,.

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  8. cashmanq

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    I must admit.  The trays have been one of the most challanging parts of this build.  Im not great at angle cutting.  I learned how to fill in gaps with the mig very well.

    Here is the fire box. ALL DONE!

  9. cashmanq

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    Warming box trays DONE!

  10. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    All trays now finished up.  I have some grinding to do, but I am very happy.  All most time for the seasoning.

  11. cashmanq

    cashmanq Fire Starter

    Ok.  Last post and I am all caught up in this build.  I regret not posting as I built this beast.   I am sure I missed out on so much priceless advice.  I still have so much work to do, but am very close to actually starting my first fire.

    Here is were she stands today with the thermometers in and looking pretty.

  12. daveomak

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    Cash..... Looks very good..... Nice build....   
  13. raymo76

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    Great build!!!!
  14. That all looks great. It is very rewarding to see what you built cooking some tasty groceries. Have fun playing with it. I had a fire in mine all weekend. Make a bunch of adjustments and see the difference it makes when you fire it up.
  15. thechuck

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    Cash... VERY nice build! Looks to be about that time... [​IMG]
  16. Absolutely a beautiful work of art, you should be proud.  Please post picture after paint, can't wait to see first bounty coming out of that piece of art.
  17. cashmanq

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  18. cashmanq

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    I do need some help.  If you look at post #44(fourth pic) and # 51(second pic), you will see a gap at the bottom of the doors.  I actually have this on both smoker doors.  I originally had a bigger gap, but it turned out it was just caught as the cuts are not 100% straight.  not sure what to do.  I grounded down the inside some, and that fixed a bunch of the gap, but I still have ~1/4-1/2 inch opening.  I planned on the toggle clamps, but cant seem to find ones that will fit my dimensions.  I have also strapped them down with straps and attempted to heat up the doors with a propane torch.  All that did was melt the straps and break them... any ideas???  I do know this is a common problem from reading the forum, but every build is different and I do not have many tools... 
  19. There is a web site called "The Toggle Clamp Store".  I just bought 500lb clamps for $5 and some change.  Clamps were here in less than a week.

    I too had the same problem.  Tanks are engineered and when you cut them they literally come alive.  First off I checked all welds to make sure they weren't interfering with door closing.  I cured most of the problem with a grinder.  Then I installed the Toggles.  Trick with them is to slightly tip them up and then weld them on.  This slight angle makes all the difference in the world.  I didn't research the installation too good and I have to grind 2 clamps off and resett them because I didn't tip them up just a little.

    Good luck!
  20. daveomak

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    Cash, morning...   Ribwizzard has a solution..... PM him....    

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