Masterbuilt Cookmaster Electric Smoker Model # 20070111

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  1. yamafx4dude
    "Terrible Start to Smoking"
    Pros - Lightweight and easy to move around
    Cons - Not insulated, flimsy thermo, drip cup under unit
    I got a pretty sweet deal on this unit for $100 from sears. When it arrived, I noticed the door look warped a little and the wood chip bowl was resting on the heating element causing the bowl to tilt to one side. I figured once seasoned, it might correct the bowl tilt with the heating of the element but this unit didn't stay on for more than 5 minutes before my GFC popped. After my GFC popped, as soon as I tried starting it after that, the GFC would immediately pop. So unit was basically DOA. Sears wanted me to pay $50 in shipping to exchange this so I had to just bring it back. I didnt give masterbuilt a try, however, with so many issues from the get, I declared this unit and model a lemon.