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Discussion in 'Pork' started by rondar, May 29, 2010.

  1. rondar

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    I  saw  a youtube  video  and  the  guy  was  using  a  Brinkmann  smoker.He  had  8  slabs  4  on  each  rack,the  thing  is  he  had  them  rolled  and  kept  together with skewers.Has anyone tried this becuase it looked like a great idea.But I`m new to smokin so what would I know. 
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    I don't think I have seen the one your talking about. Maybe if you linked to it on this thread we could see what you are talking about. Now I have seen the one that folks have made from an old drum and attached to their UDS and it works like a rotisserie to go around and around.
  3. rondar

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    I was just lookin on youtube when I saw it I doubt if I can find it again.The title I used was Brinkmann smoker.
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    I haven't seen the video he mentioned either, but I have seen it done. It's similar to this - except the ribs are much bigger. They aren't cut, and wrap around the rack, held together with a skewer. 

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    Did it look like this? I have never tried it but seems like it would work out just fine to me.
  6. graybeard

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