You don't need a fancy smoker! Hickory Smoked Chicken W/ Q Views!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fwismoker, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. fwismoker

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     My bachelors chicken dinner...Chicken thighs w/ Tony's Chachere's More Spice and thyme plus hot coals baked potato's  All cooked on a $60 kettle grill w/ a brick partition hickory smoking some chicken while baking potato's off to the side of the coals. The chicken spent the same time on the grill as the potato's and done at the same time. I just moved the chicken over the coals after it reached 165 to crisp up the skin. 

    No you don't need Guru's but they're handy! Keeping a nice stable temp. 


    Keep the potatos just off to the side of the coals and they cook great. 
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  2. nothing wrong with that.

    happy smoken.

  3. It's always the results that count. Looks good!
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Looks good...JJ
  5. kathrynn

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    Looks great to me too!

  6. fwismoker

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    Thanks very much... The simple things can taste sooooo good...from a $ 60 dollar kettle to a $900 BGE to a $1000 plus pellet grill.  Oh that Tony's Chachere's More Spice is really really tasty...I wish i would have tried this long ago, i always pass it in the spice section at the grocery. 
  7. seenred

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    Looks great, FWIsmoker!  [​IMG]
  8. roller

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    Thats the way I used to do it...Nice job !
  9. buter

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    Chicken thighs + Tony C's + indirect cooking on the kettle = yummy!

    That's the way I've done it for the past few years. Moist meat, crispy skin and a hint of Creole spice.

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