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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by joeyl41, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Quick question for you yoder smokers. I have my yoder ys640 about 9 months. when the thermal blanket is on I notice I'm losing a ton of smoke around the left and right side of the door. Upon inspection there is a lot of build up of creosote around door jam, which is probably why the smoke is escaping. I think the clips on the jacket that attach to the frame are the culprit. Is anyone else seeing this issue? I appreciate any feedback
  2. I have only had my YS640 for 3 weeks now and aside from the initial smoke I only have one other smoke under my belt.

    From others on another site, I picked up a high temp Nomex self adhesive gasket that others were using.

    I got it from BBQGASKETS dot COM and purchased the 3/4" width x 1/8" thick x 15 ft.

    Since the weather did not cooperate this past weekend, I'll try and get it on this week, since it's supposed to rain again all weekend.

    I'll send you a PM with the link to the gasket.

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    Curious to see how the gasket works out for you.  I know some rec tec owners had issues achieving temps over 400 deg when they installed the seal, probably due to lack of air flow.  Personally i wouldnt worry about a little smoke coming from the lid.  
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    Thanks for the replies. In the beginning I was ok with a little smoke coming out around door, bc there was more smoke coming out the stack. Now, I feel like more out the door and less out the stack. I cleaned up the creosote around the door but not sure if that worked yet. I'm going to give the gasket a try, I think it might save on pellets as well.
  5. I really have not noticed any smoke leakage around my lid but I figured what the heck... as far as temp goes I had no problem hitting 500*+ when I did my initial burn in. I have yet to used my GrillGrates and do direct cooking yet.

  6. Did you contact yoder?  Maybe it is warped or something weird happend in production.  My 640 does not leak, but I do not have the thermal blanket.  Maybe something on it is keeping lid open.  I do not think it should need to add a seal if it was made right.  Just my thoughts. weird
  7. I was in the same boat so I purchased a nomex gasket for mine it solved the very small leak around the door, but now I notice smoke coming out of the grease drain. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't have even messed with putting the gasket on as it was a very small leak (only noticed because it stained my welding blanket). It has made no difference in amount of smoke flavor in meat.
  8. joeyl41

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    I'm not sure how it happened but I'd rather try the gasket then send it back and not have anything for awhile. If I push on the door while it's closed there is movement, also less smoke coming out. So not sure if you're door has movement or not, maybe there is a problem with my door. Also I'm having smoke flavor issues. In the beginning smoke was fine.
  9. I've had my Yoder about 6 mos now, and the first thing I did was put a gasket on the sides of the lid, but NOT on the top. If you put it on the top, the lid won't close down hard, and you will lose even more precious smoke. I've also seen alot of smoke out of the grease drain, and would like to stop that. I wish they would have put a threaded pipe on there, then you could just screw a ball valve on. Anybody have any ideas on that?

  10. I finally got around to putting the gasket on yesterday and was not crazy how the door closed. I left it on and fired the Yoder up last night to smoke two 8 lb pork butts. 

    Still smoking so I'll see once they are done and I take off the welders blanket. It was dropping to the 20's last night and when I started I have winds between 22 and 30 mph.


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