Yet another MES user seeking help with making that thin blue smoke

Discussion in 'A-Maze-N Smokers' started by joshphotog, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. joshphotog

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    I've been smoking meat for about a year now and have enjoyed learning. I recently got an MES 40in and an AMNPS. I've performed the mailbox mod and am impressed with how well the mod does in keeping the MES temp down for cold smoking cheese. My next problem to solve is smoke color. I'm getting white smoke. Lots of it. I thought I'd solve the problem by drying the pellets. Per Todd's advice on a thread I can longer find.

    I dried the pellets in the oven for 30 minutes at 200F. I lit one end of the AMNPS, let it burn for 10 minutes, blew it out and put it in the mailbox. The mod performed flawlessly, as did the AMNPS which stayed lit. The session was done to season the mailbox mod and to see smoke color. Sadly, the smoke was white. I'd really like to get blue smoke because my understanding is that blue smoke means less bitter creosote taste.

    Any other suggestions for turning my white smoke blue would be greatly appreciated. Also, any good links to info forum members think might help in my blue smoke quest would be greatly appreciated.
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    Pics would be a big help Did you have water in the water pan?

  3. joshphotog

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    No water pan inserted, haven't locked down MES side of mailbox mod yet as I want to build a cart. Smoke delivered quite well to MES. Thanks for any thoughts or tips to help my smoke go smurf (blue). Outside temp at time of latest cold smoke attempt was 54f. Inside temp of MES was 62f. Humidity outside was 48%
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