Yet another brisket post - Rub Time and cook temp question...?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokeitmike, Jan 16, 2015.

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    Ok my first attempt at brisket last year was a miserable failure and now I'm back on the hunt for a brisket success... Over the last year I've been really trying to nail down my Chicken, Turkey, Ham, and Rib technique and I'm ready to get back on the brisket train. So here are my 2 quick questions...

    1.) How long do I let the rubbed brisket sit (so the rub absorbs and penetrates well) before throwing it on the smoker? Is 2 nights good, is it too much? Will 2 nights dry it out?

    2.) What's the preferred temp of the smoker for brisket? I've seen recommendations for 180, 195, 200, and even 225 so I'm not sure what the best low and slow temp would be for a brisket. I'm starting off with a 7 pounder.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks all!
  2. I use 225° - 250° depending on time. If you have sugar in the rub you need to stay below 250° to keep the sugar from burning. I am not sure of your smoker so I can't give much info on your setup. I put a drip pan on the rack below the brisket to catch all of the good juice then put the juice in the fridge for a bit and remove the fat from the top. What juice isn't used then I put in ice trays and freeze then into a bag for later use. You want to start toothpick testing the brisket at about 185° and when the toothpick foes in like butter it is done. Give it a good long rest before you start slicing. Juice on the cutting board is from cutting to soon and is lost flavor. Plan on 2 hours per pound and it is done when it is done not when you want it done.

    Happy smoken.

  3. schlotz

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    Brisket has been my nemesis as well.  I finally followed Malcom's suggestion to the tee and Bingo! Finally a great tasting result.  Wife went back three times (never had that happen before on anything).  

  4. smokeitmike

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    Thanks for the reply brotha. The rub did have a pretty generous amount of salt however because of scheduling and work I could only throw it in the smoker this morning (I rubbed it Thursday Night), so hopefully I haven't ruined it before the cooking even began :(

    I did saran wrap it after I rubbed it so hopefully this help mitigate some of the work the salt did... Any specific things I should do or look out for since I left the salty rub sit on for so long?
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    I used to rub days in advance but quite doing that for the most part. Now I typically put the rub on right before putting the meat in the smoker.
  6. smokeitmike

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    Yeah I'm thinking that letting the rub sit on might not do much, other than drying it out... If it was marinade that would be a different story. I see in your sig you have the iGrill. How do you like that as appose to the maverick?
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    I currently have the iGrill2 and I really like it. I've only been using it for a few months and so far so good. I had the original iGrill since they came out and I had really good luck with it too. Gave it to my cousin when I got the 2. I also have the Mav and its a good therm also. For me I wanted the Bluetooth so I could monitor it on my phone. I also like all the easy to set alarms and the fact that you can customize the temps and ranges and save them. The graph is fun too look at but not all that important to me. Range is as good for where I smoke. I have never lost the signal around my house, yard, and even a few houses down. In addition to the two meat probes that come with it I purchased two ambient probes as I run multiple smokers and I wanted to be able to monitor both puts and the food in them.
  9. Thank you, just keep smoking, it gets easier every time, need any help I'm usually around 


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