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  1. its been awhile since i took some pics of my smokes. If anyone has any suggestions/questions...feel free.

    This 14lb brisket was soaked in cheap Zesty Italian dressing for a day then put Jeff's rub on it back in the fridge for overnight. I don't trim the fat off.Wife & I were hungry for some ABT's. My ABT's also have a little smokie along with the cream cheese/chedar cheese & wrapped in bacon.

    Heres the brisket & jalapeno peppers:




    Getting ready:

  2. Here are some shots when getting ready to eat:




    My wife said the brisket was wonderful.....I ate my share & have plenty for a few days. The ABT's were good but the peppers have no heat. Can't wait till we have home grown peppers again this year....last years were very hot & tasty.

    Thanks gang for all ya'lls help. I'm just a 61 yr old grasshopper.....
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  3. sunman76

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    looks like a great meal, that bacon looks perfect[​IMG]
  4. jrod62

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    Brisket and ABT's looks great !! Thumbs Up
  5. Forgot to mention. My wife (she's from the Philippines) is a wonderful cook & she always uses the brisket points in her pancit. That is wonderful also. So I don't get to make BE's....but someday I'll sneak a point by her & do some ....
  6. Here's pic of the brisket w/Italian dressing (went in fridge for a day) then washed off & put Jeff's rub on & back in fridge for overnight:


  7. realtorterry

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    looks great, how long did that beast take you? You got those ABT'S perfectly crisp [​IMG]
  8. Looks great! Did you wrap the brisket in clear (surayn) wrap after putting on rub or just left it open in fridge? Thanks

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  9. Looks delicious!
  10. scarbelly

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    Looks like a great smoke 
  11. I started around 2am & the brisket went on around 3am. I tried to keep the temp around 220-230F. My smoker is hotter bythe firebox. I had a small baffle in the chamber & for temps I use a deep-fryer thermo that I put in to read the temps by the end of chamber. The pic of the meat/ABT's in smoker is right after I put the ABT's in. Notice the "juice" sitting on the brisket (thats not from the bacon) That was around 8am & the internal temp of the brisket was around 154...yes it stalled for awhile after the pic.

    I check briskets around 175F internal temp to view the "bark" before I put in pan. Some briskets go to 185F before "bark" is good. This one's bark was great at 178F, so I put a can of beer in pan, put brisket in pan & sealed with foil & back to cooking.......until internal 195F. It took around 12-13 hrs.

    This one didn't take 1.5 hrs per lb which some do...or even longer.

    thanks...but the peppers have no "heat" so did have some bit to it, but no heat. Still have a couple to eat though. Wife also says they aren't hot enough but they taste great. Fresh peppers though.
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  12. After I put the rub on, i seal the pan with foil again (fat side down). The next morning I turn brisket over...fat side up & pour the drippings from the pan on the fat side & put in smoker...fat side up.

    Thanks my friend.........
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  13. africanmeat

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    Looks like a great meal
  14. Everything looks great. The brisket is done beautifully. The ABT's look great also. Sorry about the heat..

    I'll have to try the cheddar cheese in mine next time. Do you notice if the cheddar gets greasy in the ABT's?

  15. Thanks Phil. I put a small "cocktail" sausage on top of the cream cheese/cheddar cheese mix before I wrap with bacon. They aren't greasy but not dry either. I use to use a Mexican shreaded cheese mix (3 or 4 different cheeses) but we like the sharp cheddar better now. I forgot to mix some of the seeds/membrains that i cleaned out of the jalapenos in the cheese mix. That would maybe added some heat to 'em. But they were still good.
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    The brisket looks awesome, nice job!!
  17. Thanks Al. I blame you & everyone else here for all this.

    I will say this though. If I had to buy a smoker....knowing what I know would be an up-right type. Something that I can access all the racks & could run higher temps for chicken etc. My char griller w/side firebox is a good beginners smoker but someday I may start looking for an upright smoker with at least 3 racks for goodies & uses gas for heat.
  18. slownlow

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    Nice job on the brisket!!   I had to google pancit.   It sounds very good.  Any chance of sharing the recipe?
  19. roller

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    Nice job..
  20. Thanks slownlow. Pancit is a noodle dish . You use pancit canton noodles. Do you have an Asian Market (China Town) close by ? When my wife gets home I'll ask for the recipe.

    Most pancit use pork, chicken, & shrimp  for the meat but my wife saw how much fat is in the brisket points that she took some & used it instead of "carnitas" (chopped pork shoulder with alot of fat). Now she keeps the fat-end of my briskets in the freezer for pansit & maybe other dishes.

    Here's a link for a recipe (sounds like what my wife makes & I think my wife also adds fish or oyster sause...I'll ask tonight)'
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