Yellowtail belly recipe???

Discussion in 'Fish' started by hooked on smoke, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. My wife bought me a Masterbuilt Pro electric smoker for my birthday a year ago. I'm loving it. Smoked salmon, tri tip, ribs. A friend gave me some just caught yellowtail belly and I am am stumped. Could use some help. I am excited to have something that I have not worked with but don't know where to start with this one. Any suggestions?
    I'm a newbie here, liking what I see.
    Thank you in advance for any support.
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    I think you're supposed to eat that raw, on rice. [​IMG]
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    There are some great Yellowtail Poke Recipes, Raw and Cooked. I have eaten it Raw many times totally great. You can make it into Sushi, raw or seared and sliced. There a variety of simple Marinades the you can use before hot smoking.I suggest an IT of no more than 130*F...JJ
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    Looks like a good recipe to use. If you don't have pink salt I am sure there are other recipes out there for similar results.

    At work I have done a seasoned salt/sugar rub and let sit in fridge over night. Rinsed and cold smoked. Turns out good. But that was salmon not tuna belly.......

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