YELLO! hi from the pacific northwest aka seattle wa!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smokefromhell, Jun 20, 2014.

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    a little about me. life long fish smoker of about 40 years you need salmon help im yer guy, you need help with poultry, im good not the best, you need help with beef or pork im a newb so im here to ask lol.

    i currently run a 1952 crosley fridge for fish, all custom. pic included. i wish it was still this perty but its smoked hundreds of salmon and now has 11 racks in it. its for fish only because it only hits 130 degrees, which is perfect for salmon.

    i also have a new brinkman gourmet coal smoker which i am getting used to and trying a butt in tomorrow.

     i am hoping to get some answers & recipes on using this for the pork butt which i have posted in the pork section. i plan to start that at around 8am tomorrow.
  2. Hello and welcome from East Texas, Cool  Vintage smoker, I started with an ECB much like the one in your picture, still have one, there are some mods you can do to make it more efficient . I'll check out your pork butt.

    Gary S
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    i love the vintage fridge, its soon getting a gloss black paint job and then i am going to hollow out a pair of steer horns and mount them on the sides for smoke stacks :D its our pride n joy!

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