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    I was gifted one of those Chef's Choice 615 slicers over the holidays from myself so I thought what better meat than lunch meat to break it in.  Made up some of Pop's full strength brine and put some turkey and chicken breasts in there.  Subbed the cane and light brown sugar with maple sugar and maple syrup by weight.  Some of the turkey was fillets, some was boneless breast but all the chicken was boneless breast. They sat in there for 2 weeks before I had a chance to prepare them.  Took them out, rinsed and assembled them using gelatin and string.  1 tbsp knox gelatin per interface.  Then dry-rubbed them and let them sit in the fridge overnight.

    Sorry, this is the first pic I took...assembled:

    Put them on the OK Joe burning red oak @ 225ºF.  I wanted to keep it low in order to get a bark to form over time.  Rotated them halfway through and spritzed with apple cider vinegar occasionally once the bark was forming.

    After about 4.5 hours, they hit 160ºF IT so I pulled them and let them rest for 30 min.

    Then wrapped them in plastic and put them in the fridge.

    Next day I took one and sliced it perpendicular to the length.  I think I may have assembled a chicken breast with the turkey fillets by mistake!  Tastes freaking great though.  Not slimy like commercial and the bark is awesome.  You can peel the bark off in one piece from a slice, as proven by my daughter who didn't like the spices in the rub.  Definitely doing this again but reducing the salt in the brine by at least 25%.

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    Wow Nate!

    That looks really good.

    Great idea mixing the meats like that.

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    Thanks Al but embarrassingly that wasn't the plan!  I couldn't tell the difference between the chicken and turkey breasts when they were raw out of the brine.  Doesn't really matter though, tastes good and I would probably do it intentionally next time!

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