xl green egg at sams and on sale

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  1. my sams club, chester county pa, had xl green eggs all summer for $1200, with nest and shelves. they never sold. i walked in last sunday and they were marked down to $800(missing vent cap) and $900 complete. needless to say i scored the $800 one, purchased the after market cap on amazon for $38.
    wait it gets better!
    i called my mom and, in their 80's, and invited them to diner sunday for a brisket. told my mom about the deal i got at sam's and then she said... well your dad and i neer know what get youfor christmass so we will buy it for you for Christmas! double bonus!!

    so to celibrate i went the local butcher shop and a a prime full packer. i will add q view when i start the smoke!

    now to start from sratch learning the new egg. read some posts here and reread the franklin bbq book again.....:yahoo:
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  3. Just be aware that BGE will not honor any warranty because you didn't buy from an authorized dealer. At least that is what I have been told.
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  4. that is interesting, i wonder what sams club would have to say about that... i will have to ask, thanks!
  5. well after plunking down. over $100 for a brisket at a local butcher shop (prime) i wanted to test drive the egg a bit, so i just loaded it up with charcoal and large chunks of cherry that i had from a tree that went down last winter. just want to see how lomg a load of charcoal will last and how easy it is to maintain temp on a cold and rainy east coast day...
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  6. I have a Big Joe, which is almost identical to the XL and temp control is fantastic. Once you get it stabilized, it's good for hours and hours. I have run mine for 16 hrs and still had charcoal left in the firebox.
  7. that is what i am hoping for, i also picked up a SS aftermarket vent cap that is both a rain cap and a vest cap. quite nicely made! 

    I am hoping for long cooks with little to no fussing with the vests to maintain temps.

    I stopped by the local egg shop in West Chester pa and talked to the owner. and  he said he does not use much charcoal,  he starts with a small bed of charcoal then fills the firebox with wood and goes with that.  I have several 100' read oaks on the ground right now dues to storms last winter. i need to get some of it cut before it gets punked out and get it under cover.   Up until now i have only used a propane smokey mountain and a propane viking grill so this is a new adventure for me.
  8. most of this will be notes to myself...
    captians log stardate.....
    after 50 min the temp at the grate was 497F with the vents wide open. ok to much too fast i closed boththe to and bottem vents to about 1/4" open. we will where that gets us in about 20 min
  9. with an outdoor temp of 51F winds 13 g to 20. with top vent about an 1/8" and the bottom vent at about 1 1/2" temp is about 270
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    Bge has been more than helpful.. just be prepared to say it was a gift.

  11. Try not to overshoot temps . They are a bugger to get back down due to it's excellent heat retention. 

    The best way to get to 250ish with a smoke ware cap is to crack it 1/8" and the bottom vent at 1/4", light the charcoal in two places and close the lid. wait 30 minutes for the temp to come up and the bad smoke to go away and you are good to go.
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    Green Eggs at Sams sounds like a Dr Seuss story.  
  13. well i learned a lot overnight .  I put my brisket on about 11pm.  my plan was a 8-10 hour smoke with a 3 or 4 hour rest in a cooler.   Well that is not quite what happened.  At 11 pm i put the brisket on Egg temp was about 280, outside temp in the upper 40's with a 15+ wind.  I monitored everything until about 12am then i went to bed.  I took my remote read BBQ thermometer with me and set it on the night stand.  About 3:30 i noticed that the Egg temp had climbed to about 290 and the brisket temp was 178.  I got up and decided to take a peak. everything looked good but i was surprised that it had gotten to that temp in only 4 1/2 hours. I decided to wrap (paper) and put it back on the grill. i had a very difficult time getting the temp of the Egg to settle back down to the 275 280 range.  so by 4:30 i had the temp of the egg about 250 but the brisket temp was almost 195 at this point.  I went back to sleep and woke up about 7:30 with the Egg temp about 200 and the Brisket temp 210.  I went and inspected the brisket, still wrapped, and it was about as pliable as i wanted it to be,  At this point i transfer to my Yettie cooler and its now about 170 2 1/2 hours later.   I have the egg now idling at about 250 with some baked pinto beans, recipe from Black's in Lockhart TX,  dinner is at 3;30.   My plan is to place it back in the 250deg Egg about 2pm and get the internal temp back up before serving.

    note: for dinner last night i made pizza and brought the temp up to about 600deg at about 7pm, I believe this was a mistake.   It looks like getting an Egg to cool down from a high temp and then maintain low temps, when you have a full bed of coals, is very difficult.  When i got up, the Egg was at 200 and the fire was basically out.  Then when i opened the vents back up,  there was a a little life in the fire and then it slowly started to burn again, this time it was very easy to get a low and slow temp.

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