xcoachx smokin in Ca.

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by xcoachx, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. xcoachx

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    Quick intro.
    I've been bbqing for decades and dabbling in smoking for years but have really been getting into it lately.

    44 male
    Bay Area California - east county

    Perfect flame vertical cabinet gas smoker
    Char griller charcoal grill (side smoke box not attached)

    Pork loin ribs are my favorite
    Smoke mostly porks, some chicken, some beef.

    Woods I use. Hickory, pecan, peach, apple, and cherry.

    I smoked my first successful brisket today!
  2. dougmays

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    Welcome @xcoachx! Alot of good people on here, good advice, and good times!
  3. xcoachx

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    Thanks for the welcome! I have found that the people here are all super wonderful people, always looking to help. I've been lurking a while and have seen how much help people are. I hope I can share what I know/learn with this forum as well.

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