WSM & Weber Kettle similarity questions

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  1. Since moving to where I now live over a year ago, the only grill/smoker I have is a 22" Weber Kettle with the AMNPS.  I love the thing, but once "Richard Cranium" pays me for work done at a previous job a few months ago (just venting...sorry), I do plan on purchasing and having the bigger WSM shipped here.

    My main question is this:  Can anyone (who owns both) tell me is the air flow entering the WSM is or can be more than the kettle.  Let me also state that the kettle I have is the standard 22" with the single 3-slot "star" cover on the bottom to adjust air & clean out ash.

    Also...with the WSM would you (again, those that have one) recommend sticking with the AMNPS or move to chunks for smoking (obviously for heat applications).  

    Thanks for looking and any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Richard Cranium  [​IMG]

    I have both, even the single star vent kettle. I would say the WSM does get better intake due to where the vents are located (Ash falls through on the kettle, WSM vents are more to the side so they don't get clogged).

    I would use chunks for hot smokes and keep the AMNPS for cold smokes. There really isn't a place to put the AMNPS when you load it up with charcoal.

    Hope I helped and congrats on the soon to be new WSM!
  3. Thanks Twig, yes it helps!  I figured the AMNPS would be my go to cold source, and also some in the kettle with heat.  Really looking forward to the WSM and will need to get a source for chunks (only get the standard 2 choices from Home Depot or Kmart here, although placing the pellets from Todd directly onto the charcoals in a minion style works pretty good too.

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    I have the WSM 18". I recommend chunks or pellets in a foil pouch for your smoke. I do add a handful of chips along with the chunks.  I do not have the AMNPS yet. I have been thinking on where it can be placed for hot smoking and haven't come up with a spot yet. I am mainly getting it for my Master Forge LPG smoker, and for cold smoking. 
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    The WSM has a greater air flow & will adjust better than a kettle & I always use chunks in both. I like hickory.
  6. I appreciate the answers guys, thanks!


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