WSM Vent Diameter Question for PID Controller

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    Hey folks,

    I've built myself a DIY temp controller for my 18.5" WSM. The fan, PID, SSR etc. are all housed in a PVC conduit box with an exhaust I cut out for the hose. On the WSM I used 3/4' knockouts on one of the vents capping off 2 holes, as I've seen others use, and plan on running hose to the 3rd vent hole for the air.

    I've read on various online sources that the vent holes are 3/4" but I believe that's OD. What are people using for the ID? Without drilling a hole in my WSM I am ultimately looking for a hose barb to male, Male to male with lock nut etc. type fitting.

    Note: For those using the caps get Hillman (Lowes, HD). They were a true fit and once on, not an eyesore.

    The Hillman Group 3/4 in. Chrome Hole Plug Model #: 881267

    Thanks ever so much!
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    Hey thanks I was hoping to make one. Saw this online and may resort to if I can't fit anything.

    Thanks for your reply !
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