WSM Thermo Mod Anyone?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jcollins, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. I have the 14.5 WSM i am pretty sure they come out in 2014... im not 100% on this one but in the pic below is my smoker... So the real question is has anyone added/installed/replaced the stock thermo with an aftermarket one? if so which one and how accurate is it? and where & how did you install it? 

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    Not sure about the new WSM's, but my 6 yr. old 22.5" WSM has an extra locating hole under the therm that would have to be plugged if I replaced the stock therm. However another option is to just drill a hole for a new therm elsewhere - I know I said the "D" word.... lol.

    Drilling a WSM isn't that hard if you take a few simple precautions:
    • put two pieces of masking tape or blue painters tape across the point at which you are going to drill.
    • use a center punch to create a small dimple so the bit does not wander - a big nail works in a pinch. Remember your just creating a small dimple not trying to drive it through.
    • use a sharp bit! Buy a brand new one if you need to.
    • and use some cutting oil or 3-in1 oil - heck any type of oil helps, I've used olive oil before.... lol.
    • go at a nice medium pace, not to slow, and not as fast as you can - give the bit time to work.
    If you look at the link below my signature you will see the eyelet mod I did. I had to drill my WSM for that.
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    Buy the weber silicone therm port. You can get it online. Then all you do is drill a 11/4" hole and plug it in. Then you can run whatever probes you want. My Mini Mod Monday thread shows all of this:

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    Should've mentioned the only reason I suggest this route is I've never found a dial therm that was accurate or that lasted long enough.
  5. Yeah my WSM came with that port I was seeing if there was a dial therm worth using or a replacement one that works well thanks for the replys
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  7. @Boboso  no that is not a weber table its just a generic wally world white folding table... And thanks it was a bit of "dump" camping on a very nasty & rainy day (i was not in charge of planning ...just the meat)
  8. It looks like a Lifetime brand, available at Costco.

    If so, I have a pair of the 4' x 2' tables that I have been using at events, almost every weekend, for the last 5 years, without any problems. 
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  9. i should have mentioned but i forgot... that isnt my table so im not 100% where it came from....
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    Thanks for the info. I'll look into the wally world info for something. And even though I haul A LOT of freight for Costco, I ve never shopped there. Thanks again.

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