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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maloff28, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. maloff28

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    Ok... it was a little bit more than rain.  We had tornado watches and warnings, but hey, I had promised ribs for dinner.

    I did fine maintaining the proper temperature and I managed to keep my Maverick dry with a ziplock bag and a plastic container, but upon cleaning it out this morning, I found a few inches of water in the bottom.  I am not so worried about that, but what does concern me is that on one side of the inside of the smoker, it kind of looks like a sheet of rust washing down the side.

    In addition, the "seasoning" on the lid started flaking off during the cooking and is still very flaky now.  Should i brush it all off?

    Has anyone else had an experience like this?

    Should I have done something different?

    Is there anything that I should do know to ensure that the smoker remains in good working order?

    Any advice would be greatly apreciated.

  2. chef jimmyj

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    I don't have a WSM but had similar issues with a ECB. The flake should be removed, don't want that on meat. It should not rust, the seasoning and enamel finish, if intact, should have protected it from rust and may just be the water causing the grease/creosote to run down the side. This can be wiped off with soap and water or Simple Green. Actual rust should be removed and the smoker re-seasoned. I have smoked just inside the garage with the door open or on the roof covered porch to avoid rain but this is not always an option. Other than that rain will get inside to some extent. Someone with a wsm should be along to give better answers...JJ
  3. jp61

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    Can't say I've had a similar experience with mine. I would definitely clean it up for the next smoke and go from there. If it is rust, there should be some indication of what may have caused it. A few photos would be helpful for someone to give you a better answer.
  4. bgray

    bgray Fire Starter

    I really doubt that you have rust going on.  I have a Napolean Apollo, which is basically the exact same smoker as a WSM, and I've noticed this as well.  I think that it's just the grease and seasoning on the sides.

    Hose it out, take a brush and soap, and you should be able to clean it out pretty well.  When you do this, take a close look at the interior after cleaning.  Most likely, there's not damage, just the seasoning running down the side.

    I usually do this quick hosing and brushing after ever 2-3 cooks anyways, as it's the best way to get all the coals and ash out of the bottom.

    I just bought some of this citrus cleaner....

    (much cheaper at Lowe's, by the way - the Amazon price is silly)

    I'm going to be spraying this on the interior, and allow it to sit for a bit prior to the next hosing and cleaning.  I'll report back.
  5. maloff28

    maloff28 Smoke Blower


    Here are a few pictures.  It seems like other folks clean theirs more than I have.  Kind of thought it was best to leave the build up alone as it would add to the "seasoning".


  6. jp61

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    You mentioned high winds and rain while you were smoking. By chance, was the side with stain/discoloration in or facing the rain? If so, maybe it's some kind of condensation residue do to that side being cooler from the rain? I'm not sure but, it looks like it'll clean up OK for you. Maybe someone else has a better answer for you. Good luck.
  7. bgray

    bgray Fire Starter

    Looks normal to me.  I would just hose it out, use soap and a brush or rag.

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