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  1. So, I'm sure there is something posted somewhere on here but I can't find it.

    I have a Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5".  

    I want to put some lining on the door to reduce the air flow in from the door during cooking.  Does it matter if I put it on the door or the smoker?  Thoughts?

    Also, I need to close off 2 of the 3 vents on the bottom, I use a BBQ Guru and I am having problems restricting the air flow, is there a good way of easily closing them off?

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    Have you checked the WSM Group sec?
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    You could go either route with the sealing of the door. I have two small gaps at the top of the door. I am going to put a cupboard latch on each side to close them up. My lower vents rotate and completely close.

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    For the door you have a couple of options:
    1. Bend the door over your thigh to adjust the shape as close as possible, then after a half dozen smokes or so the smoke residue will have sealed up the door fairly well.
    2. Buy a door gasket kit. You can find them online at various places just do a search for WSM gasket kit.
    3. Buy a Cajun Bandit door. They make a high quality stainless steel door for each size of the WSM.
    4. Create your own mod - like dirtsailor is talking about.
    For the lower vents you can just rotate them closed, but if that is not enough go to the hardware store and get some of the heavy foil ducting tape (not duck tape).... it will be near the heating and air conditioning components. You can then cut a few pieces to place over just the holes or over the entire wheel, up to you.
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    Gasket goes on the unit, not the door.  I installed mine by putting the door in place, used a felt pen to draw it's outline, then removed the door and installed the gasket along the outline ...and some gasket material overlapped the opening, which I then trimmed with a single edge razor blade.  Even though I have a Cajun Bandit stainless door, it does vary from the shape of the BBQ a tad (1/16" gap around upper corner areas) ...I used my thigh and some bending to get the shape mighty close and it doesn't leak even the tiniest amount when the smoker's running.  Cajun Bandit also sells a new latch for the door, although they are a bit proud of it, that works in spite of the extra thickness caused by the gasket material.  The gasket material compresses pretty well though, so you may not need a new latch.


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