WSM Jedi Mind Trick

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    Hey guys!

    Great idea to have these groups.  Very cool idea!

    Anyway - thought I'd share the story of how and why I got my WSM 22.5.  It all started last year when there was a $199 special on the 22.5 at Sears but in very small print it did not include the $150 in shipping.  Now not such a great deal.  Several people convinced their local Lowes and HD to match the price and not noticing the shipping fee. 

    We were about to borrow my father in law's RV to take the family camping and normally I'd just bring my Traeger 075 to cook all the meals on.  Since the idea was to just take the RV, no chance on bringing the Traeger.  I told my girls that since we were taking the RV there would be no smoker so mommy would have to cook the whole time - unless........

    "yes daddy?  unless what?"

    Wellllllll  there is a great deal on a WSM but mommy won't let daddy buy a new "portable" smoker.  You should ask her.   [​IMG]

    The pack of wolves jumped all over that and after some dirty looks from the boss, I got the stamp of approval for the deeply discounted purchase.  I made the deal at my local Lowes and my new WSM 22.5 was on the way for the incredible price of $200 plus tax.

    Fast forward 2 weeks.  The WSM was assembled, burnt in, tested a few times and now it was time to load up for the trip.  If some of you are already smiling - you know what happened next.  The door to the RV is 18" wide.  No matter how I turned or positioned the barrel of the WSM, it was not going in that door.  Let's just say my wife was not amused.  We ended up also taking the mini-van just to take the WSM.  My girls also helped with this plan - they obviously prefer daddy's cooking.  [​IMG]

    So now whenever I call my WSM the "portable" smoker I have to make sure my boss is out of earshot so I don't get lasers burning holes in my ..... um....... so I don't get in more trouble.  [​IMG]
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    That's a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us!
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    LOL... better to ask forgiveness than permission!

    That's a hoot! I suggest you start wearing lead lined clothes to avoid the laser burns! [​IMG]
  4. This is the first I've heard about the Weber Smoker.  I already have a Weber Grill soooooooo......[​IMG]Thanx for the 'heads up"

  5. Mine was no where near that cheap...but worth every penny I paid for it.  I do plan to take it to the lake...but not inside the RV: disassembled in the back of the truck.
  6. I have had a Weber grill for 35 years and a WSM for 3 months it's the best thing I ever bought except one thing smoking is addicting,the grill is always the same thing but the WSM is all kinds of possibilities for mods and great new things

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