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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by biaviian, May 9, 2011.

  1. biaviian

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    Can somebody give me the dimensions of the grate?  I'm wondering if this will fit:

    Do you use two or just one?  I'm reading a lot of sites/reviews recommend using two so small chunks don't fall through.  I think I'm buying myself one (18.5 WSM) as a wedding gift, a couple months early, as well as a Weber One-Touch.  I've never had a charcoal grill and have always wanted to give it a go.  That will mean that I have 3 smokers and 2 grills.  That may be a bit overkill, no?
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  2. nwdave

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  3. nwdave

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    Posting problem again.

    Well, I don't know how useful it's going to be but, I went out a measured my charcoal grate and it's 17 inches BUT I have a

    Weber One-Touch-Gold (OTG) 22.5 so I don't know if that's the right size grate for an 18.5. What I wanted to say is yes, I use two grates, at right angles to each other and man does that solve that problem. I have to smile at your confusion about overkill...... Let's see, I have a Big Block GOSM which has been frankensized to run on charcoal as well as propane, a Master Forge Propane smoker, a 5 burner Ducane grill (with side burner for the rotisserrie ((and that is nice))), 2 tailgate size propane grills. THEN, forluvofsmoke, Eric twisted my arm to going to a Weber OTG, just had to get the 22.5 for the charcoal catcher underneath, that is sweet too. Found out from Todd about a Smoke EZ adapter for the OTG that lets me use the OTG like a WSM. Then I just had to have the Rotisserrie adapter for the Weber grill and of course I found some cast iron grates for the Weber (also available in 18 in if you're interested). I've had the Rib-o-later for a while and it works just fine with the rotisserrie adapter. And, I'm reviewing several of the plans of our members who've built a plywood smoker for sausages and the like. Now, what was your question? Oh yeah, overkill!!!! Not in my book.

    Have a good one


    I just noticed that my posting problem includes that when I do a quote, my additional remarks don't always follow along in the submit. Let's see if this one will work.
  4. richoso1

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    I can't speak for the WSM, but many others give it the thumbs up. I have a Weber 22. 5 OTG, and it is the bomb. Well built, and very consistent with temps. It's the best grill I've ever owned. I can't believe I waited so long to buy one, not to mention the $$$ I spent on cheapos..Next to Dave's Weber, I'm hiding in the shadows. Sounds likw Dave's Weber OTG is running on nitro.It's all good my friend.
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  5. biaviian

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    Yeah, Dave, I'm drawing up plans for a smoke-house/closet too.  I saw those cast iron grates but wasn't sure if that was the way to go or not.

    Any chance you can explain to my future wife why it isn't overkill?  [​IMG]
  6. nwdave

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    I've only used the cast iron grates a couple, three times for steaks and I gotta say, nice grill marks.  I'm still reasonably new to the charcoal/lump thing so it's a big learning experience for me.  Got a lot of learning/practicing to do before the Parker Showdown (a family get-to-gether kinda thing), in August.

    Can't help you on the explanations.  We've been married going on 46 years and she knows all my tricks and still puts up with me.  What can I say?  Just cook some food that's way better than anything you can get locally and then she may be wanting more, and of course, the better the tools, the better the results!!!  Good luck with using that one, never really worked for me, but you never know.

  7. jirodriguez

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    You could always pick up a chunk of expanded metal from Home Depot for and lay that ontop of your existing grate. Cheap, easy, and can bend or cut to size as needed.
  8. biaviian

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    Oh, that's great.  You got me laughing with that one!

    Great idea!

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