WSM 22 vs OK Joe Highlander

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by cinimod, Dec 3, 2015.

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    I have not posted before on this site, but have got Jeff's receipe, taken advice to buy a 30"MES last spring, and did the ecourse on smoking.

    I now want another smoker. These are my two options. I was set on the OK Joe, knowing that I would have to do some modifications to it. I always wanted a offset so I could access the meat easier.  My wife's boss just offered me a brand new never used WSM 22" with a few accessories for $200, which retails for $400. The Ok Joe is at Walmart for about $260, I imagine I will need to spend another $100 or so in mods for the Joe.

    A few concerns that I have, will I outgrow the WSM - as in not enough room and get bored with cooking on it. I would prefer to use only the top level of the WSM (that is part of the reason I do not like the MES it is harder to baste and check temperatures. I normally will just smoke for 2-6 people. I also do not want a smoker that is the same as what I have just not electric.

    Is the Ok Joe more than I need?

    How hard is it to access the second level on the WSM?

    Should I get a cheap bullet smoker and the OK Joe?

    Thanks for your help in advance I look forward to all of your advice even on questions I didn't think of.
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    Welcome to the board! Each type has its advantages. I've had a lot of fun with kettles but I've never run a WSM. I once got a really cheap knockoff bullet as a gift and it was crap - didn't even have a top vent to control  it.

    I'm burning sticks in an offset and I love it (see my sig). Of course you can burn charcoal, but the thing about sticks is you can harvest or forage your own fuel for free.
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    $200 for a never used 22.5" WSM has me quivering all over.  I don't need another one but I would not be able to resist buying that deal.

    I generally smoke on the top shelf only on my WSM.  I have used both shelves many times, especially around the holidays.  The trick is to put the longer cooking meat on the bottom shelf, shorter smokes on top, then time the starts so they finish when needed.  I smoke all the time for just my wife and I, smoking enough meat/veggies on the weekend to last until the next weekend.  Large groups are no problem either.  Largest group I've smoked for is 40 with lots of room to spare.

    If I had to use a car metaphor to describe the difference between the two; the WSM is the one with the automatic transmission, the OKJ is the manual.  Both will get you where you want to go, one just takes less effort.   
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