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  1. dcbrn

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    I am considering which WSM to buy.  The 19" or the 22"?  Has anyone experienced a turkey or brisket that would not fit on the smaller one?  Are there accessories deemed essential that are offered for one and not the other?  Is one constructed better than the other?  I would appreciate any info from more experienced users of these smokers.  Thanks, DCBRN
  2. stainless

    stainless Fire Starter

    Go with the 22".  I have the old 19" one and the food grates are only 17" wide.  It gets pretty tight on there when you really cram it.

    Reliability.. I've had mine for around ten years I guess.  Still as good as the day I bought it.  Cooks like a champ and can cook long hours unattended.  
  3. phatbac

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    I agree the 22.5 inch is the way to go if you have the extra hundred. with the Weber rib and roasting rack i can smoke a brisket and 5 racks of ribs at the same time on my wsm 22.5 .

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)
  4. joe black

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    I had the 22" when I was using a WSM and it was a really good unit. They are very user friendly. The larger model will give you extra space when you really need it. I would suggest getting a charcoal ring for an 18" and use it when you have a small cook or a shorter cook. It will keep a smaller fire more concentrated. Some other things that you might consider are a hinge for the lid and handles for the center section.

    Good luck with it and good smokin', Joe
  5. i was going to say pretty much the exact same things as Joe Black
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  6. b-one

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    I have the 18.5 and only rarely yearn for the 22.5. I suggest you go to a store and put stuff on the racks and see which you think is best for you. If in doubt go bigger and you won't have to worry charcoal is not that expensive especially when it's on sale!
  7. Here's a loaded question, does the 22 incher use charcoal at a faster rate than the smaller unit??  Using an 18 in smoke ring inside of the 22 incher and  topped off, will it smoke/cook all night long??
  8. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I've never tried that but, IMO it would be very close. Lump, no....briqs, maybe.
  9. fwismoker

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    I'm actually a little surprised more don't hang meats with their WSM because it's a great way to expand the capacity.
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  10. chef jimmyj

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    I don't think I have ever seen a member post, " I should have gone Smaller. " Along a similar line, when I was looking for a MES. I knew the MES30 was more than enough for my family but Bearcarver and a few others said, " Get the MES 40! You won't regret it..."  I got the MES40 in Dec and was only smoking 2 racks at a time for us and an occasional friend of my 3 Daughters that would stay for Dinner. We usually sent the kids friends home with Doggy Bags. In June I had three families call and ask if I would smoke Ribs and Butts for their 4th of July Picnics? The MES 40 was Jam Packed! I had so many Racks of Spare Ribs to smoke that one of the Dad's paid for TWO Rib Racks so I could get it all done plus all the families sent Ribs or Butt's for my freezer! And My extended family always is calling to find out when the next Picnic is...[​IMG]...You can easily find opportunities to fill the larger WSM up...JJ 
  11. 3montes

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    Buying smokers are like buying RV's. Look at as many as you can. Figure out the absolute biggest one you will ever need then buy the next biggest one! [​IMG]

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