WSM 18.5" - new 2014 model??

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ko40370, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. ko40370

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    I just got a WSM 18.5" for my birthday....awesome!  I saw elsewhere on this forum a discussion about a new WSM 18.5" for 2014 and that it's already in stores.  It features handles and a grommet for running temp cable and maybe some other new features?  Does anybody know anything about this new model and is it in fact available?  Do you have any pics you can post?  I checked the Weber web site and I see no mention about a new model.  My wife bought my  WSM from amazon and I'm guessing it is not a new model, as the copyright date on the box says 2011, plus the picture on the box doesn't show any handles or grommets.  Any info would be nice to have, thanks everyone.
  2. jordon

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    The new WSM does not have handles. It has a small rubber grommet to the right of the door. This will allow you to put your probes in without having to do any sort of mod.

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