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  1. I smoked sausages for the 1st time yesterday in my new MES BT 30" (never did sausage in any smoker).

    I went to the local butcher and picked up fresh (no curing) Chorizo, Andouille and Chicken sausage(cilantro and jalapeno) and raced home to try my hand at smoking sausage. I spent about 10 minutes online checking out the best way to do it and there was a mix of doing it depending on the sausage being cured or not. Mine was not cured so I made sure the internal temps of all 3 types were 170 degrees when I took them out of the smoker.

    I did 1 hour at 120 degrees to dry the casing (no smoke) then 4 hours at 190 degrees adding apple wood chips every 30 -45 minutes.

    The results were awesome. The casings have such a great snap to them and the smoke flavor was throughout the sausages yet not heavy which was really nice. 

    I liked the Chorizo but the Andouille was totally kick ass and the Chicken with Cilantro and Jalapeno was out of this world.

    I am now officially smoked sausage crazy and am on the look out for some fresh Hungarian kielbasa!

    I know pork sausages should have an internal temp of 165 but I was a little nervous with the chicken so I went to 170 with all 3. Next time pork based will be done at 165 degrees and the chicken will be done 170 degrees.

    If anyone has tips or hints even on temps for fresh uncured sausages, please post up!

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    Follow the 40 to 140 in 4 hr rule. The way you cooked them sounds good. At 190 smoker temp they will get done in the allotted time....


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