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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jp61, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. jp61

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    I'm not sure what to make of this high-tech world we live in today. If someone would've told me 30 years ago that one day in the future people will be eating meat grown in a lab, I probably would've laughed and said...yeah right, sure we will. But here it is, it looks like it's becoming a part of our reality. What do you think, would you eat a "test-tube hamburger"?

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  2. sprky

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    LOL I'm not too sure I want too eat something that is grown in a lab/test tube . Just don't seam right too me
  3. shoneyboy

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    It really makes you think, most of the vegetables that we eat are eating today are GMF (Genetically Modified food). So it only the next step in the food manufacturing process if you ask me. Don't get me wrong I'm NOT in favor of eating GM meat any time soon... But I do see this being a way of being a sustainable meat source in the future.... Like it or not, our earth is only able to produce so much. We are producing 2 or 3 times more meat on the same amount of land from 50 years ago.  
  4. diesel

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    Not gonna eat it.
  5. The real question: which rub to use...
  6. Glad I'll be dead long before we run out of meat.
  7. michael ark

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    They use stem cells to make it. Soilent green is people.:biggrin:
  8. I heard on the radio today that it is cheaper to pay retail and eat a hamburger at McDonalds than to prepare your own.  We're only talking hamburger. but the report was suggesting almost every burger McDonalds had on the menu.  You and I can't make them for less than they do.   We've all seen the price of ground beef rise  It's still the best deal for a meat loaf, but I've never seen meat prices higher than today.

  9. Just the time it takes to squeeze out all the juice and overcook it is longer than I like to spend on a burger.

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