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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ak1, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. ak1

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    So, here's my thought.  I want to buy a load of fresh Italian sausage from the local supermarket. Could I take this sausage as is, and cure it for several days and then smoke it and dry it  to make dried salami?
  2. shannon127

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    I would not recommend doing that.  When making Salami, the meat has to be as fresh as possible.  The bacteria count in meat doubles every 24 hours.  Italian sausage is a fresh sausage, so there is not cure.  It is almost certainly at least 2 days old before it hits the shelf.  If you are set on trying it, make sure you use cure #2 and cold smoke before drying.  Just my opinion. Maybe NEPA might have a better idea of what would be ok.
  3. ak1

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    Thanks for the input. It was just a thought on my part. 

    My thought process was this;

    I've got a local store that makes the fresh sausage daily. They grind & stuff on a daily basis. Their price is quite good. Not cheaper than I could do myself, but fairly close. My thought was getting some of the fresh sausage and throwing it in a brine with cure for several days and then smoking & drying it. I've done some where we grind, season and cure the meat before stuffing. Then smoke for 7 days or so. 

    I guess what I'm asking is this; If I put that fresh sausage in a brine for 7 days or so, do you think the cure would permeate the casing & the meat enough that I could then smoke it and let it air dry.
  4. skully

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    ask the butcher shop to make you a batch intended for smoking. shouldnt be a prob for them and cost next to nothing.  they would just up the salt add cure.  easy
  5. ak1

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    Thanks, I'll try that.
  6. daveomak

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    Darko, morning.... Have him grind and season in a tub.... Then you can add cure and stuff at home.... Or, take him some cure #1 and add with the spices... have him mix it in his mixer and stuff it.... then take it home and smoke, smoke, smoke...... add 1.1 gram per pound of mixed stuff or 1 tsp. cure #1 per 5#'s or 1 oz. per 25 #'s...

    I think pork intestines are waterproof... pretty much.... otherwise there could be problems inside the pig.... know what I mean..... :biggrin:
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  7. phrett

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    Once you said the meat was in casings I'd definitely say "no" to your idea. Get fresh bulk meat, add cure, stuff and smoke may work, if the bulk is truely fresh.
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  9. ak1

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    I guess I'll just make it from scratch. Thanks for all the input.

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