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  1. Found this project smoker guy only got this far. I've never built a smoker and new to smoking. It's a fridge from the 20s and I'd like to finish the project. Look like a good place to start?
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    Looks pretty sturdy, should make a fine smoker. Just make sure to change out the insulation. If it's from the 20's, odds are the insulation is cardboard.
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    put a seperate box in the open space in the bottom and pipe the smoke into the cabinet above with steel 2" pipe and fittings and you'll be able to hot or cold smoke easily. just finished a similar build and did just that, works awesome. 

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  4. Thank you sorry for the delay been working a ton. That fridge deal fell through but I ended up up the same fridge you have
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    if you have any questions let me know. Mines working awesome and easy set up. if it was onside a heateed garage all winter id maybe go with the smoke daddy as my smoke generator, but being its outside the smoke box i have set up in the space under the cabinet is working really well.

  6. Imhalf way done just need to finish exhaust and put the top lid on and shelving
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    i tried buying the identical fridge but missed it by a day.
    Still very much the same as mine. 
    Assuming your goin off wood or charcoal to heat it on the side box.
    recommend you vent out the back upper right corner rather than straight up.
    reason being its as far away from the intake as possible to allow better circulation and more even heat, another is that then you can put a 3" to 4" vent then use a 4" t duct. this set up keeps the humidity and tar from running down the exhaust and into the smoker dripping on everything after it gets built up. Ill get a photo of the set up posted tomorrow. it works superb
  8. I failed at the updates sorry. So I got the fire box attatch a piped, got the exaughst piped and packed the sides, top, and bottom with insulation and got a fire in it did very well with no smoke loss 😀 got up to 400 degrees. Figure I'll do a few hot hot runs before I put food in it oh and I have to make shelf's yet
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