Worlds hottest chilli pepper? Sounds like it!!!

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  1. I like some spice...but too much is simply too much.

    One of Amy's clients gave her a pack of Ghost Chili's (Bhut Jolokia's), she tossed them in the fridge and forgot about them.  I dug them out of the back of the fridge, they had gone bad, so I tossed them in the garbage disposal.  Even running cold water, 4 or 5 peppers made my eyes burn and my nose run...that's not hot or crazy hot...that's stupid hot. :-D
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    Bout the hottest I will go are habanero's.... lol. You get much hotter than that and it just gets unplesant.
  3. Really it gets to the point of ridiculous, if it gets too hot. Why would you bother. Habs are about my limit also. At some point it just become heat, without the flavor. [​IMG]

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