Worchestershire sauce?

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  1. Im not really sure ive spelled it correctly but has anyone used it on any of their meats prior to smoking? Maybe instead of a mustard rub cover it in worchestershire sauce then season it. Then of course allow it to sit in saran wrap for while. Have you had good results with it?
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    More than half the time, rub down my prime ribs with Lea & Perrin's Worchestershire Bold Steak Sauce and then put on SPOG.... Turns out great ! Thumbs Up
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  3. I may have to try it with a brisket. My family always uses it to slow cook prine rib in the oven. Just wasnt sure how it went smoked.
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    You can get Worchester Spice, same as Lea & Perins and its sprinkle on granulated.

    If you really like it on your beef, sometime check out a rub called Tatonka Dust. It has a lot of it in it and I swear by it on steaks. One of the guys here on the boards, his boss concocted it. I even set it on the table for non-grilled steaks, my Pop loves it.

    Do a goggle search for Owens BBQ or Owens Farms or Tatonka Dust. You'll impress the family. I was so impressed I am telling you.
  5. It looks great! I may just have to order sone and give it a shot

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