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    Although it was a day late, we received the best Christmas gift we could have wished for.  We checked our account today saw a deposit from the US Treasury.  The VA disability has finally come through.  The deposit was for the back pay going all the way back to when I filed my claim.  After more than 20 months of struggling to find ways to make ends meet, we can finally pay off some debt and start my business.  My project will finally be built and we can breath a little deeper now.  I can't tell you how much of a weight has been lifted from our family.  I don't normally like to put my business out there like this, but I'm just so excited that I couldn't help it.  So I will be getting started at after the first of the year.  Of course I will post as much as possible and as many pictures as I can.  

  2. fishwrestler

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    Congrats, got to feel good. Thank you for serving our country

  3. daveomak

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    Jabbo, Great news.... All the success in your endeavors...  Thanks for your service to our country....    Dave
  4. So is the plan to start BBQ catering?
  5. jarjarchef

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    That is some great news..

    Good luck on your new adventure....

    Thank you for your service.....
  6. Thanks for your service!!  Best of luck in your new endeavors.
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    Thanks for your service and wish you the best in getting your business off the ground and soaring!
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    [​IMG]Nothing but respect for the men and women that serve out country.......Congrats on getting you back pay, you deserve every penny of it !!!! ShoneyBoy
  9. fpnmf

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    Great news neighbor!  

    You go to the clinic in Marianna??...I do..Long drive but it is close to free for me...

    I am heading to Tallahassee for an appt on the 4th...I will wave as I pass Bonifay!!!

    My fight with SS for disability continues..takes about 3 years...

  10. Congrats, good luck and thankyou for your service! I say its a shame how long our soldiers and salors have to wait for their entitelment for their service!

    Don't wanna turn this into a negative post......... So corgrats and thank you again![​IMG]
  11. Thanks guys it does feel great to be able to stop at McDonald's and not feel guilty about it.  

    Wizzard, my business is going to start out as a simple vending thing.  I will work the events in the area.  If all goes well, I will start an actual catering business next year.  I figure this is a good way to test the waters and get my name out there.

    I do use the clinic in Marianna.  I am also a member of the VFW over there.  I don't think I will bother with SSD.  I don't want to keep the VA disability any longer than I need to.  My hope is to build my business enough that I will not need the VA anymore.  I know people say I deserve it, and they may be right, but I still feel like a hypocrite for taking it.  
  12. Please let me know how it goes,

    Ive tried many times to turn this hobby into something profitable. Two years ago I bought a g35 grummin truck and turned it into a food service truck. But with my day job, its always been difficult to get anything going. Seems I have more of a knack making money from what I build rather than selling BBQ. I still do some private party's a few times a year, from word of mouth, but nothing that ends up as a regular income. Really just do it to get the experience and keep the skills up. And I dont see myself wanting to sit on a street corner trying to vend BBQ. I been thinking about getting into some local events and see how that does as well.

    Please keep in touch and share your experience.  Good luck to you.
  13. tjohnson

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    I saddens me that a U.S Vet has to jump thru the hoops set by our Government!!!

    I have family members who received SSDI because they are freaking alcoholics and/or obese

    I have a cousin who collects disability because of fear from 911.  She was 1,000 miles away from the towers!!!

    It really upsets me how unfair the system really is!!!

    God Bless You For Your Service!

    Good Luck in your endeavors!!!

  14. Thanks TJ.  If you are an honest person, it really is difficult to get help.  The folks at SS office actually told me to lie so I could get more.  I promptly walked out of their office and reported it to the local local legislature.  I do not want to be part of that problem so I have no plans to file for SSD.

    Wizzard, I am applying for a temporary vending license that will allow me to attend events year round.  We have a lot of them during the year in this area so I should be able to make a few dollars off of it.  Talking with some of the other vendors in the area has been very encouraging as far as profits go.  I have been distributing jars of my sauces and rubs so I already have a small customer base.  My plan is to strictly vend events until demand for parties is big enough to justify doing that too.  I will tell you that in Florida you must work from a commercial kitchen or they will not let you cook anything.  That is my only hold up at this point.  I need to find a kitchen to use.  I will keep posting as I go along so that maybe others can learn from my mistakes and successes.  
  15. You can do the events with out having a comercial Kitchen, correct???  Thats what my understanding was. 
  16. I think they changed the law for 2013.  I read it before and you didn't need one, but when I went back to read it again, I couldn't find it.  I am going to keep checking.  I do know that Florida will waive the fee for your first license if you are a veteran who has only been discharged for 24 months or less.
  17. Ok, lets see some drawings, plans, etc for your build. You did say your doing a 500 gal, right?
  18. Rib, I will be doing the 500 gallon tanks, but I can't afford a truck to pull such a big trailer at the moment.  I do keep a constant eye out for one though.  If anyone knows where I can find a 3/4 ton truck in good shape, let me know.  In the meantime I will be building a smaller version with two 125 gallon tanks.  This way I can get started making money and, hopefully, earn enough to pay for a decent truck.  I have the tanks and trailers for both rigs and I have been talking to the local fab shop about building them for me.  They will get done a lot faster than I can, do it better than I can, and have professional drawings I can submit for the license.  Be patient while I get all of my ducks in a row and I will post everything in a knew thread as soon as it gets started.  I promise!!
  19. I know you like the ideal of the 500 gallon.  ( I still think 250 is a perfect size ) .....will you be doing an enclosed trailer?
  20. Both of my trailers will be open with a removable awning over them.  A 250 tank would be fine, but I got the 500's for $100 each.  That was a deal I could not pass up.  I do want o talk with you about firebox designs though.  PM me when you get the chance.

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